Pharmaceutical sales representative : We’re Trained to Lie


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Very interesting. This for me is an outstanding example, in secular terms, and the presenter says spiritual terms, of conversion and renewal. Because she is no longer concerned about what can be done to her. They can have her job, they can have her home, they can have her car, they can have her prestige of position. In other words, the "message" is much bigger than her. And she is willing to die, at least materially, for the truth about this subject.

How did we get here? Because in this day and age we really do not know who is not on some form of medication(s) from their physicians. And how have these laboratory produced medications altered individuals or groups of individuals personalities.

Medicines produced in a laboratory can be patented and companies can receive billions, as opposed to natural substances which cannot at this time be patented. I say at this time because lawyers are working long and hard to establish and acceptable definition about natural substances that may allow them to be patented.
Back to how did you get here. I want to reference a previous post and especially focus on the link provides;

And more specifically from this model,

Notice that the Pharmaceutical Industry is under the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research.
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