Perpetual Act of Reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary



I promise Thee * O glorious Mother of God * and loving Mother of men * to devote myself
whole-heartedly to the service of they blessed cult * in order to hasten and assure * through the
sovereignty of Thine Immaculate Heart * the coming of the kingdom of the Sacred Heart * of
Thine adorable Son in my own heart and in those of all men * in my country and in all the
world. Amen

Each day please say a special Rosary (or one decade) in reparation for the sacrilegious acts against our Holy Mother. A reminder will accompany the Mass of the day under Sundays and Feastdays. Make little mental acts of reparation during the day while washing the dishes; working for a living; doing the gardening. These mental acts of reparation will replace and throw out worldly images that too easily occupy our minds.

Thus we are united (cannot be divided) spiritually in the
Mystical Body of Christ of which we are all members.

May Almighty God: Father, Son and Holy Ghost keep us faithful. Amen


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