Permaculture; a sustainable solution.


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Permaculture is an exciting study that is so basic in its concept, that we in the modern world propagandized by commercial profits, have taken the natural elements around us and turned them upside down; not any more.

Below are some of the best Gardening/Farming Documentaries I have found on using Permaculture Principles. They are very inspiring with lots of insights and knowledge that also touches every other avenue and industry within society who wishes to be conscience and responsible with what the good God has provided for us.

Permaculture is a synergistic approach that first starts with observing the landscape and environment with its free elements and resources around you: Sun exposure, land contours, wind, temperatures, water harvesting abilities, building layouts and structures, soils, compost, vegetation, plant nutrients, small and large animal inputs, etc. and then applies those elements in a synergistic design system that works in harmony together for the overall health for what you are trying to gain. In other words, to work with nature and not against it.

For those who may not know about Permaculture and its related diversities, there have been many thousands of people around the world using Permaculture principles as a technique, that not only has resulted in a healthy food and lifestyle, as well as providing an abundance beyond expectation, that the techniques used stimulates and returns a true health back to the soil -your land- which in itself also becomes a vibrant producing ecology.

Geoff Lawton:
- Introduction To Permaculture Design

- Permaculture Water Harvesting:

- Establishing a Food Forest the Permaculture Way (2008):

- 7 Food Forests in 7 Minutes with Geoff Lawton:

- Greening the Desert - Permaculture in Jordan:

Sepp Holzer:
Farming with Nature - A Case Study of Successful Temperate Permaculture Sepp Holzer --

Permaculture, Emilia Hazelip Synergistic Garden:

Back to Eden
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Michael Pilarski ("Skeeter"):
beneficial weeds in a young food forest - polyculture!:

- From Pasadena California, Path to Freedom - Urban Homestead

- A Food Forest Garden - Part 1:

- Rainwater Harvesting Basics (3) Brad Lancaster:

- (and, anything else by Brad Lancaster)

Ruth Stout:
The simplicity of a Ruth Stout inspired garden (beginning and up to minute 10:40):

Bill Mollison:
The Permaculture Concept with Bill Mollison:

Darren Doherty:
Keyline Design at the Beach (1) Darren Doherty:

Yeoman Plow, or also called, Keyline Plow:


Also, exposed Documentaries of BigAg:

**Must see - The World According to Monsanto

**Must see - Monsanto Patent for a Pig (Pt.1 of 5) -

Food Inc.

Aspartame, Sweet Misery:

God bless.


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Corporate profits and the all encompassing government has taken away our birth right to know how to cultivate, plant, and harvest fruitfully in the ecology it was designed for. GMO's, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and human pathogens is the toxic soup bowl they force on us at the markets, restaurants, vendor supplies, and government schools; which they claim is edible foods.

Along with their non-biodegradable plastics, God's creation is turning into a waste dump.

See on Youtube the many videos that show the great pacific garbage patch.


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For those who have a majority system with more animal elements: chickens, pigs, rabbits, cows, rather than plant systems, here is a video of Joel Salatin showing the methods of synergism he uses on his highly productive animal farm.