Patented Diseases


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Is that a shock? It should be, but in a world for-profit, everything is exploited.

Below is a compilation of many such evil entities exploiting creation into a dark death for profit.
  • Vaccines House of Cards is Tumbling Down - Fast
    "What most U.S. healthcare consumers probably don’t know is U.S. government agencies CDC and NIH, plus Bill Gates, own patents on vaccines, e.g., Ebola! [3] The CDC owns over 20 vaccine patents, according to Robert F Kennedy Jr., Esq. [4] Is there any wonder why vested interests push vaccines and want them to be mandatory?


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I would encourage anyone and everyone reading this post to follow the links that have been provided above. This is a excellent summary.

My own experience has shown me that when an aged individual develops advanced stages of Alzheimers they do not remember loved ones. Or, they no longer have control of memory recall as in years prior. This is very heart breaking to all friends and family members.

Also, these loved ones may not be able to prepare for the end of their lives, as they had once thought they would, because of their advanced condition.

Injecting Aluminum, the French Documentary, reveals a correlation between Aluminum and Alzheimers.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) admits Aluminum use in vaccines since the 1930's (