Numerous babies are killed just to test vaccines



Even if the baby parts are not included in your vax, many parts are used for testing them.

And in fact, ex FEMA worker Celeste Solum says that baby parts and humanized mice are included in the vax under a kind of "additives" title which is not specified.

In any case, many think we are only dealing with one poor soul who lost their little life to abortion decades ago and then their parts were donated.

Biologist and author of Vaccination, A Catholic Perspective, Pamela Acker, and Medical Doctor and owner of large medical clinics in Atalanta, Carrie Madej D.O., both attest to the fact that abortions for the purpose of using fetal tissue is an actual human sacrifice. They are intentional procedures which are described in the medical notes only available to those in the medical industry.

It's actually a kind of C-Section that is performed so that the baby can be removed in tact with the heart beating. A FRESH KILL.

Just because they use the fetal cells from one particular baby and those cells are replicated for decades, don't be fooled into thinking only one baby's life was sacrificed in order to provide you with that "life saving" ναccιnє.

This doctor declared in court they have to kill numerous babies just to test the ναccιnєs, not just one. Hundreds! And remember they have to be a fresh kill, not just leftover parts from some unfortunate abortion mill victim.

The "doctor" says he is glad to go to Hell if the Catholic Church decrees it. (3 min 35sec.)