November Masses for Holy Souls


Uncompromising Priests offer Masses for your Dearly Departed Souls, throughout November

In their great generosity, uncompromising priests and monasteries will gladly offer their Masses and prayers for your departed loved ones. These Masses and prayers will be offered every day throughout November, for the repose of these souls. No Mass stipend is necessary, although we heartily commend these holy priests and monasteries to your prayers and generosity.

Participating priests and monasteries:

Dominicans of Avrille, France
Fr. Thomas Aquinas, OSB, & Santa Cruz Monastery, Brazil
Fr. Raphael, OSB, & San José Monastery, Colombia
Father Valan D. Rajakumar, India
Fr. Hewko, Fr. Pfeiffer & Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Seminary, Boston, Kentucky

For your convenience, please send the names of your departed loved ones to By our arrangement with these good priests and monasteries, we will collect the names and send all of them to each of these priests and monasteries. The names of your dearly departed will be placed on their altars during the entire month of November.

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