Notes From Teacher, Parent: “Trans” Kids Are Mentally Ill



Notes From Teacher, Parent: “Trans” Kids Are Mentally Ill

Friday, 29 March 2019

“Transgender” ideology has apparently become not just prevalent, but ascendent, in some public-school systems.

Girls and boys in their tender years run hither and thither, claiming they are the opposite sex, but instead of stopping the bizarre behavior, a teacher and a mother wrote to conservative columnist Rod Dreher, parents and school officials encourage it.

Problem is, the kids who believe the fantasy are mentally ill and routinely disappear from the school roster when parents finally call in the skull doctors.

From Gay to Trans
Fearing a pink slip if found out who spilled the beans to Dreher, the anonymous teacher observed that “trans” kids are in “desperately bad shape.”

They began surfacing about four years ago, the teacher wrote, about the time the U.S. Supreme Court said homosexuals have a constitutional “right” to “marry.”

“At my school, being gay had long since lost any stigma,” the teacher wrote, “and has even passed the stage of dignified rebellion, to becoming a boring commonplace,” particularly at what the teacher called an “artsy school.”

But then came the real kooks. The first oddball the teacher encountered had a clueless mother. Another was a girl who “wore a shirt that said, ‘I may be a sissy, but at least I’m not a cissy.’ That’s where I learned the word cisgender, and how it is used as a pejorative by leftists. That student was moody and unstable, and was withdrawn from school for mental health reasons in the middle of the year.”

The teacher also described two more “trans” kids. “One was generally stable, but the other was not.” She wore buttons “declaring preferred pronouns.” The “stable” kid soon dropped the charade and became a conventional lesbian, but the “button-wearer mysteriously wasn’t in our school anymore at the start of the next year. I asked her friends about it, but they could only shrug. Nobody ever heard from her again.”

Was she a suicide? A new resident at the laughing academy?

Then the Fates of Pedagogy dealt the teacher another pair. “When each year begins, I ask students to fill out an information card so I can get to know them. One of these two answered, ‘What’s something interesting about you?’ with ‘I’m trans!’” Another question — “What do I need to know about you to help you succeed?” — received this answer: “I’m super mentally ill.” Not surprisingly, “like the girl the year before (also a female-to-male trans), this kid ended up being pulled out of our school for her serious mental health needs.”

This year, the teacher has several who display “various degrees of militancy about it. By far the most serious is a young man who has *fully* transitioned physically to a female, and who also (surprise!) has a host of major mental health problems. This poor young man ... had the same crippling anxiety issues that the other students I’ve mentioned here had, plus verbal tics.”

The kid has tried multiple medications, but again, the parents yanked him from school, the teacher wrote. But the story gets worse. His mother is an “evangelical pastor,” and he was “gay in middle school, then trans.” So between sixth and eighth grade, the bats had already roosted in the kid’s belfry.

Now, he is “a doped-up basket case so dysfunctional that he has to be removed from an incredibly tolerant, liberal school where he was literally celebrated for being a ‘she.’”

How tolerant is “incredibly tolerant?” A Christian boy apologized for using the wrong pronoun on a “trans” classmate.

The teacher rightly concluded that the “trans” kids are “clearly suffering from massive mental and emotional problems” and “all their pronouns and transitioning do nothing to heal that.”

That’s the nice way of saying they’re nuttier than a Planter’s peanut farm.

Of course, suggesting trans ideology is a problem is “prohibited by fiat.”

Another Concerned Mom
A concerned mother who read the teacher’s missive divulged that five percent of the students at her daughter’s former school claim they are the opposite sex. Parents and teachers have “normalized” and encouraged the mental illness and support hormones and surgery:

One young teen had been a testosterone for quite a while, sporting sideburns and facial hair. I had no idea she was a girl until my daughter excitedly told me she was trans. This girl had her mastectomy at the age of 16.

Other students looked nothing like the sex they pretended to be. One boy looked exactly like a boy, yet went by a feminine girl’s name and became hostile if anyone “misgendered” him. These kids all presented differently, but what they all had in common were signs of autism and mental health issues.

The school changed the woman’s daughter’s name and pronouns without the mother’s knowledge. And “they had her sleep with the boys on an overnight school trip.”

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