No Mary - No Salvation



There is one indelible mark in the great saints that shows up and which is common to all of them without exception. Exercising the Charity of Christ there is enough to show that they were all asked by Christ if they wanted to share in His Sufferings to redeem souls. They were assured that if they refused it would not prevent them from going straight to heaven as their purgatory had been suffered willingly whilst on earth. They were purified souls. In every case they chose to remain and carry on as co-redeemers. They chose to carry on Christ's visible punishments after his death on Calvary. Mankind would always 'see' the continuation of Christ's Passion throughout the history of the human race in these other Christ-bearers. Thus I can never claim, as an excuse, that because I was not present in His time on earth I did not witness his sufferings.

Dying He proved his humanity. Yet through His Saints and Martyrs he lives on continuing his visible Passion. They carried on where Our Lord left off due to his execution on Calvary.

There can be no doubt that this indelible mark would first be evident in the Blessed Virgin Mary whom God requested to be His Mother. She had the option of instant beatification when her time on earth would end 'asleep in the Lord' for she was 'full of grace' before her conception of Christ. Our Lord would not need to make the Sacrifice for Mary who would not have sinned had she been the first Eve and her children would not have been conceived and born in original sin. But She was the second Eve because the first eve was created to propagate the human race through the natural order. Mary, ever- virgin, was destined to be the doorway through which Christ would become Incarnate to immortalise/divinise man to enter heaven when nature's time frame had expired.

BUT sin had entered into the soul of man through our first parents and Mary wanted us to have the chance to be redeemed. So that she could continue sinless in the world she would need to be preserved by Christ's intervention from inheriting the state of original sin at conception and rendering it impossible for her to sin the same as her Son could not sin. Our Lord could not sin, and neither could Mary from her very conception. The redeeming action of Our Lord that rendered Mary incapable of sin was now available to sinful man once he had been purged. This also is evident in the saints of whom we are told that when true Charity takes over the soul, from that moment, becomes incapable of sin.

Once the saints reached that state of perfection, neither could they sin because divine charity now saturated their souls. They were other Christs.

The preservation of Mary's soul from conception meant that her reply was anticipated by Our Lord becoming redeemer to preserve her from inherited sin enabling Him to pay the price for the sins of mankind. For, of course, being Charity itself he longed to give us knowledge of our sinful state; knowledge of His Father in Heaven; knowledge of God's nature and the purpose of our being created.

Mary's fiat mean great suffering for her for she was being invited to share in the redemptive passion of her Son and to be the only doorway through which the fruits of redemption could be obtained. Without her fiat man would not be redeemed. Not only because of the obvious reason that Christ could not have become incarnate, but because if she had withheld her consent her intercession for unredeemed man would not exist. This emphasises that our salvation depended entirely on her fiat. Of course our Lord knew what her answer would be. She knew, like all martyrs know, that Our Lord thirsted for souls - that without his Sacrifice on Calvary all of the living would go to hell. That would not have been Mary's fate.

Our Lord wanted man to know the true state of his soul. Being in thrall to the Prince of this world we were doomed to hell. Our Lord did not have to be merciful thus rendering just judgement on mankind. Mary would not accept the offer of personal salvation when she knew that our salvation depended on her answer. She had the history of Moses and the prophets, who unable to make any excuse for the great sins of the people they led, nevertheless by their pleading won more time for their flocks to change. It would cost Mary dearly - for it was only if She asked for mercy would it be granted to US. It cost her dearly because it meant she would encourage her son to suffer His dreadful torments culminating on Calvary; prolonging her own Agony for as long as she interceded for us..

This means, that if for one millisecond Mary could not bear to see her Son suffer - then Mercy for us would no longer be available. There has to come a time, when God will not allow His Mother to plead for us any longer. It will be when man, through his own fault entirely, is no longer capable of, nor desirous of distinguishing good from evil.

I fear that that time is upon us.

It would be when God sees that man is too far into his sins to seek Mercy and when it coincides with the peak of all that His Enemies can do to destroy His Church. His Enemies have to reach this peak in order to see for themselves that their efforts are fruitless. They will suffer the full humiliation of defeat and they will see and hear the mocking laughter of Lucifer who has merely used them. Withholding from them what he knew they did not know; do not know; or refuse to know - namely, that there was no possibility of destroying the Church once mercy was released through Mary to mankind. Lucifer did not enlighten them that he had failed, when, at the moment of Our Lord's death, he realised his mistake. No! Withholding that information at least assured him that he had their souls firmly in his grasp. Charity is not in the devil's lexicon and through the instrumentality of Lucifer Charity would not only be cut off permanently, but the inverse would be actively and unceasingly released - eternal torment.

Man's suffering is the wages of mankind's sin. Mary's suffering, allowing her son's excruciating passion, is the means, and the only means, by which we receive redemption. Mary's suffering opened the door for her Son to pay the wages of our sins.

She would not have needed redemption from sin in the natural order. But she would know that those born before her time, and those born after, needed redemption. If she had not consented to share in her son's passion then and there no-one would be redeemed. The choice was her's to make without any strings attached. She freely consented and in doing so became the sole pathway to the salvation won for us by her Son. She sacrificed herself for us. She bought time for us. In other words it is only because of Her that we are or can be redeemed. She bagan to hold back the Father's anger and Our Lord's judgement at the very moment of her consent - and only for as long as Christ's suffering was manifested in the world through martyrs and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Mary did not need mercy for herself, but she asked God to stay his hand and be merciful to us. She would willingly suffer with her Divine Son if it meant that the human race could be saved from going to hell.

Without Mary mankind cannot be forgiven its sins. Whilst She is not the Redeemer, without her continual fiat interceding unceasingly we cannot be redeemed. Our Lord is just and our sins have to be paid for. The Mercy he generates through Mary is won through His Sacrifice and His Sacrifice only. It is Mary who stays His Hand. Mary cries (LaSalette and elsewhere) and has begged Our Lord to let her talk to us herself. How many times has she visited us on earth, and how many times have we done the simple things she has asked?

In short, Mary would not go to heaven without us, or for as many of us who seek her intercession. More than that, however, it is the nature of divine charity to lay down one's life for one's neighbour which precedent was set by Our Lord Himself who alone IS Charity.

We would not know of these things because Mary will not draw the slightest attention to herself, only to her Son. But we can see what has been written of the saints mentioned in the opening paragraph.

Without Mary there would have been no Incarnation
Without Mary there would be no mercy.
Without Mary there would be no access to her Son, no access to the Father,
and no descent of the Holy Spirit into our souls.
Without Mary there would be no Church.

Without Mary no-one can call himself Christian.

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