New Traditional Catholic homeschool available!


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New Traditional Catholic homeschool available (grades 9 - 12)

We would like to introduce Angelic Doctor Academy, a Traditional Catholic homeschool with a solid high school curriculum (lower grades coming soon). We have collaborated in creating many new Traditional Catholic textbooks which are designed to lay out the concepts in an orderly way, while avoiding liberalism and modern errors. So much of the typical Catholic curricula out there use inferior and problematic materials.

We also offer something very unique - a grading system which grades all the coursework - including the weekly / daily exercises! Busy parents appreciate that, as well as our "at a glance" academic reports which keep them informed of their students' progress at all times.

We are currently offering a discount off our already low course fees, as well as referral bonuses. Please visit our website (still in construction in some spots) at or call 785-260-7999. Thank you!


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Should it help, attached are some samples of a few of the new textbooks. Samples of more courses can be seen at

These attached samples are indicative of the spirit of all the new textbooks, although admittedly this is harder to see in, say, Latin or the mathematics courses.


  • Catholic Biology sample.pdf
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  • U.S.-History-book-sample.pdf
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Thanks Kansas, really enjoying these links. So MUCH history!
Did you put this all together yourself?
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Thanks, Ambrose. Glad you are enjoying it!
We have had a large team of Catholics over the last five years working on our books.


Would you like to introduce your team Kansas? With some background and photos maybe(?)


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Well, I am not so sure all the employees working on the books and behind the scenes would be so thrilled about having their info put up. But I can say that our entire family, which can be seen on our "About ADA" page, is in one way or another involved. Of course, there are many others who have done great work on the books and exercises over the years, some of whom have moved on now. Most, but not all of them, were/are students or graduates of Thomas Aquinas College.



About Angelic Doctor Academy…


Hello fellow Traditional Catholics! I am Dean Loew, the director of Angelic Doctor Academy. My wife and I have been homeschooling our five children for over 20 years, experiencing the joys, rewards, and yes – the pains and trials of homeschooling. Our own experience, as well as insights from other parents, have taught us that in Catholic homeschooling things can get pretty hectic. Deadlines fall through the cracks. Schedules slip. Corrections are delayed. Even when corrections are done, it is often difficult to calculate and assign a final letter-grade for the students. The students may misunderstand lessons, but parents are not available at the time needed. The problems can compound and abound. But this is not all.

Even more serious problems are less obvious. Some of the available books and materials are often simply not presented properly. Others suffer from problems such as “Americanism”, a serious error condemned by Pope Leo XIII, or just plain liberalism. We parents often must pour over our children’s books, giving them warnings, clarifications, telling them to “skip that section”, etc. Some of us even find ourselves cautiously using Protestant books (not for religion, of course) when we see no good Catholic route. With problems like these, we parents are concerned with the formation of our children. Are they going to be formed well enough to combat the errors of the present time?

We know families are experiencing many issues similar to the above concerns. Through the years, we often wondered if we could make this process even a little easier for the average Catholic family. Why should Catholic families have to put up with inferior books and lots of gruntwork? This wonder turned to desire:

We wanted to create something better and easier for struggling Catholic parents.

As we learned more and more about the perennial wisdom stored up in the great popes, Fathers, and Doctors of the Catholic Church – especially St. Thomas himself – we longed to expose students to some of these beautiful truths. We saw by our experiences with our own children that if things are explained slowly and clearly, step by step, even the simplest of students can get excited when they understand the beautiful principles of our Faith and the sciences. This is so very rewarding!

In 2015, we decided to take a risk and start something. Regarding the curriculum, we collected the best existing Traditional Catholic materials we knew of and decided to create brand new textbooks where there were no solid alternatives. On the practical side, we envisioned a unique grading system that would also assist homeschooling parents by doing much of the “grunt work” for them. That is, we would grade everything and provide “at-a-glance” academic assessment (grade reports), keeping parents and students regularly informed. Parents could then be at peace, knowing exactly how their children were doing at any time, and thus concentrate on the important business of teaching, explaining, encouraging, and keeping order.

We would start with the high school grades because that was where the materials get most difficult and when, frankly, some students start resisting Mom’s direction in their schooling. Knowing well that students vary greatly in intellectual capabilities and interests, we would offer three levels of diploma.

In early 2015, we gathered – or I should say, St. Joseph gathered – a dedicated team of educators. Most of them are, like myself, graduates or students of Thomas Aquinas College in California, although we also have a hard-working staff from other schools. We are loyal to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and acknowledge Pope Francis as the validly reigning pontiff, although frankly, we are deeply scandalized by him as well as by many bishops who are not doing their duties and leading the sheep astray.

In 2020, after five years of development and many trials and labors, Angelic Doctor Academy opened its doors. Michelle still schools one of our children, two others have graduated from college, and they all assist in someway with this family business.

We are passionate about homeschooling, and our staff is eagerly waiting to help you. Please consider us for your Catholic homeschooling goals.

Yours in the great Saint Thomas Aquinas,

Dean Loew
Director, Angelic Doctor Academy

B.A. Thomas Aquinas College

B.S. University of Wisconsin