New-sspx: The Front Door and Back Door Relations with Rome


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Today, Bishop Fellay came out with another propaganda piece from his media arm of still trying to put out the fires of his many contradictions that keep trailing him.

In this newest article The SSPX relations with Rome, according to Archbishop Pozzo, they tried to give a response to one of the interview answers made by Archbishop Pozzo of the Ecclesia Dei Commission about the SSPX's relations with the Holy See, and DICI wanted "to clarify the reality of the situation".

So what is the reality of the situation?

Archbishop Pozzo had again opened the lid of the present reconciliation in his interview by saying:
Excommunicated by Heretics


"The dialogue continues between Rome and the SSPX

"Currently, moreover confides Monsignor Guido Pozzo, the dialogue “continues” with the Society of St. Pius X. "Several meetings have been held and are still planned with certain prelates, to go more in depth into the problems that remain to be clarified, in a relationship of trust," continues the secretary of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, for whom, beyond the doctrinal difficulties that remain, the problems are "internal to the Society.

"The Pope,” continues Pozzo, “is waiting for the Society of St. Pius X to decide to enter (in the Church), and we are always available with a canonical project that is already known", namely the creation of a personal prelature. "A little time is needed,” he concludes, “so that things will clear up internally and that Bishop Fellay can get a fairly broad consensus before performing this action.
But Bishop Fellay doesn't like such open and disclosing terms. He needed to play the chess piece to 'move the chairs on the deck' to make something sound good and official.

Bishop Fellay wanted to narrate instead, that:

"At the Society of St. Pius X’s General House, they are wondering about Archbishop Pozzo’s intention in the last statement, which does not correspond to reality..." And, "Bishop Fellay has already responded to the Ecclesia Dei Commission several times, orally and in writing. What makes canonical recognition in the form of a personal prelature impossible at this time is essentially the “doctrinal difficulties”, namely, Rome’s demand that we accept Vatican Council II and the reforms that followed it in a “hermeneutic of continuity”."

But what Bishop Fellay failed to state to us in his new press release, is what was the substance of that writing and oral conversations with conciliar Rome, or with the many recent meetings at the new-sspx seminaries! If he is leaving it ambiguous to us, again, then the substance is easy to know from his many other leaked Documents, especially his SSPX Doctrinal Declaration: is it Official Policy?, interviews, conferences, and his Bishop Fellay Speaks, in wanting and accepting a canonical recognition before a doctrinal recognition!

In addition, Fr. Pfluger, the first assistant to Bishop Fellay, had said in his Interview with Father Pfluger of December 2014, that since the modernism in the church is not changing to Tradition, then we must “reposition ourselves” to “evolve” and change with them. Along with Fr. Pfluger saying that "Fr. Pfluger: we sought a Common Understanding of the Faith" with Rome for an agreement; and thus took ample time in drawing up and purposely created the 2012 Doctrinal Declaration that was submitted in secrecy; until it was leaked.

What remains in the rest of Bishop Fellay's new press release...was to move the other "chairs on the deck" of the Titanic without saying anything; but using the old-sspx as a mascot position; wink...wink.

However, in down-playing Archbishop Pozzo's intelligence and his other veritable sources, Bishop Fellay exposed himself again to contradiction and hypocrisy; even when agreeing and distributing in Advent 2012 Archbishop Pozzo's Ecclesia Dei Letter to all of the SSPX Priests to all of the 600-sspx priests in every house all over the world for the reconciliation to happen.

So it is not like Archbishop Pozzo, who is the Secretary of the Ecclesia Dei Commission, and who has been involved within the direct negotiations with sspx and Rome does not know anything. Contrary, he has written and given many other interviews in regards to the relations of the new-sspx and Rome; in which, Bishop Fellay also accepted and endorsed. See: SSPX Goes for a Full Reconciliation: Pastoral not Doctrinal and, Bishop Fellay Accepts Terms for a Reconciliation, and, Has the SSPX already made Agreements with Conciliar Rome? These are only some of the commitments and proof that Bishop Fellay is negotiating with the conciliarists behind the back door.

What is done in the darkness will always come out into the light.

Here also is Bishop Fellay's Letter to Pope Benedict XVI, June 2012; whereby he openly stated that he was expecting the reconciliation to happen already -without DOCTRINE- in 2012!

We can go on and on in showing these types of back door dealings of Bishop Fellay and the rest of the superiors in the new-sspx in which they do not want us to know. Including, their many leaked and confidential Documents coming from Menzingen ACTUAL SSPX Memo and Internal Memo from General House - November 26, 2014. And other secrecies on the local priory scale to assimilate into the conciliar church SSPX Represented to Install Novus Ordo Bishop.

So these types of propaganda press releases are not new to alter the facts and redirect the new-sspx followers; Bishop Fellay had done this many other times. Here is another press release of open contradiction New Press Releases of SSPX and Rome meeting 9/23/14.

And by the way, Bishop Fellay also included in his press release for a cover of righteousness in bringing up the exploitation of the recent [new-sspx] Dominican pilgrimage with Fr. Pfluger in Rome. Bishop Fellay's statements was of lament that they could not have permission to say Mass in one of the cathedrals as a way of saying that there could be no "deal"; but he cannot see that that is the way it is...for tradition. However, Bishop Fellay also failed to mention that they do already say mass in St. Peter's Basilica, with permission, and with the proper concession/s of saying the "extraordinary" mass with the saint of the day in the novus ordo calendar; see SSPX says the Mass of Vatican II saint.. And even Bp. Tissier Pontifical Mass: 2014 in the Cathedral of Lourdes. And in other places over the years... Not to mention, that Bishop Fellay is also open to have a The Hybrid Mass and the n-SSPX to be developed. Forgetful memory...?

In addition, The Neo-SSPX and the Conciliar Church Continue to Get Closer, Secretary for the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, had given an interview praising the sspx/Dominican pilgrimage right after the event, saying:

“[T]his [SSPX/Dominican Sister’s] pilgrimage is just one more gesture that shows the dialogue and willful unity are moving ahead…it has been a long road of dialog but hopes the goal of unity is in the not to distance future.”

But Bishop Fellay's narration for the traditional crowd is not suppose to know all of this...!
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Bishop Fellay is so focused and desires, with expelling his priests and bishop, to attain his piece of paper to be reconciled with the modernists, he is obviously blinded to what is in front of him in these last 3-turbulent and aggressive years of his heavy handedness.

A train off its tracks can no longer be guided by the principle of the rails.



Keep up the good work Machabees in helping us see through this sad deception coming from
the Leadership of the SSPX. God Bless you.

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I was sent this article this morning (along with others) from one who is no doubt trying to set me straight. And the subject line read: 'FYI....the true situation' There really is no meeting ground any longer!

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I was speaking to someone earlier and he mentioned another good point tucked within Menzingen's new press release. It was the "style" of language that Menzingen had used in trying to position themselves as some kind of a "moral superiority" in using the words "Thou shalt..." as a survival to quote the French university professor Luc Perrin:
“To begin with, if the different stupidities committed in Rome throughout this long affair were pointed out, it would bring us back down to earth. A short list for His Eminence Cardinal Muller and Archbishop Pozzo: a) thou shalt be distrustful of silly optimism, but with a supernatural hope in the promises of unity in veritate; b) thou shalt abandon a botched discussion and shalt not count the time: why not resume the discussions brusquely and intemperately interrupted by Rome in 2011? Or at least work towards resuming them; b) thou shalt construct a full communion step by step: rather than a preconceived and not necessarily very good ‘canonical solution’—a personal prelature has plenty of flaws—today, it seems to me more realistic to solve certain practical problems step by step…, (given) the fragility of the motu proprio, Summorum Pontificum since the election of Pope Francis who, while confirming it, has already made a serious dent in it with the Franciscans of the Immaculate, and is eroding it with little phrases that cannot but arouse worries.”
Perhaps Bishop Fellay "thou shalt" not continue to commit his "different stupidities" to betray the Faith of our Fathers, our trust, and of the wisdom of his founder Archbishop Lefebvre in the "short list" of their own crimes we have manifested above.

God have mercy...