New South Wales is faced with a radical new abortion bill.



New South Wales is faced with a radical new abortion bill.
A vote could occur very soon!

Not only would the euphemistically named Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill 2019 decriminalise abortion, it would also allow abortion up to 22 weeks for any reason or no reason.

Beyond that date – and right up to birth – all that would be needed is the approval of two medical practitioners.

Conscientious objection would be trashed, with pro-life doctors forced to refer a woman seeking an abortion to another practitioner or provider.

This bill is terrible: for the unborn, for women, for the medical community and for our society.

We have a chance to stop extreme abortion laws spreading further across the country – by stopping them right now in NSW!

Will you be a voice for the voiceless?

If you live in NSW, please CLICK HERE to email your local MP plus all upper house MLCs.
It only takes a few minutes.

Regardless of your state or territory, please forward this link to as many people in NSW as you can, mindful that a vote could occur very soon:

This bill comes only two years after a previous attempt at radical abortion laws in NSW was defeated.

If bad laws can be stopped once, they can be stopped again – but we all need to get involved urgently!

Here’s the link again:

Please send it far and wide!
Kind regards,
The Australian Family Coalition team

P.S. We can’t stress the urgency of this campaign enough. The bill will be introduced to the NSW Parliament this week and has gained 15 co-sponsors from multiple parties. Regardless of your state or territory, you can make a big impact by sharing this link with your NSW friends:

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