New blasphemies and attacks on the Mother of God


Extract Adelante la Fe

1. The "diabolical disorientation" of Lucía Caram, [1] a contestant of the Perpetual Virginity of the Mother of God, who went to a television program to talk about sex with Risto Mejide, a predatory language interviewer, with whom even a man he would feel uncomfortable and who is assiduous interviewed, where he said: «that María was in love with José and that she was a normal couple, and it is normal to have sex».

2. Hail Mary, full of Grace! [2] , regarding a new book by the Bishop of Rome, which contains an interview with Marco Pozza, in which he speaks about the Blessed Virgin Mary and explains the prayer of the Hail Mary . In that book-interview Jorge Mario Bergoglio gives a humanistic interpretation to the mystery of the Incarnation, adulterating the words of the Archangel Gabriel said:

«The Virgin would surely want to say to the Angel:" Liar! You've fooled me!"".​

3. Unique Immaculate [3] On the dogma of the Immaculate Conception, which declares that, by a special grace of God, She was preserved from all sin from its conception. Dogma proclaimed by Pope Pius IX on December 8, 1854, in his bull Ineffabilis Deus .

4. María Reina and anti-mariology. [4] Marxism, supported by pseudo-theology, self-called the Theology of the Revolution , in its eagerness to use whatever is useful for the purposes of the Revolution, has sought, and seeks to instrumentalize, the Marian cult as well.

Our Lady of Fatima told Sister Lucy:

Look, my daughter, my Heart surrounded by thorns that ungrateful men are constantly nailing me with blasphemies and ingratitude , you at least try to comfort me and say that all those who for five months in a row on the first Saturday confess and receive the holy communion, pray a part of the rosary and make me company by meditating on the 15 mysteries of the rosary, in order to make amends, I promise to assist you at the time of death, with all the graces necessary for your salvation ».
"Five are the kinds of offenses and blasphemies uttered against the Immaculate Heart of Mary."
The first offense against the Immaculate Heart of Mary is the denial of her Immaculate Conception ; The second offense is blasphemy against his Perpetual Virginity ; The third is to deny the Blessed Virgin Mary as the Mother of God, and as the spiritual Mother of all humanity; the fourth offense is the blasphemies of those who publicly try to inculcate in the hearts of children, indifference and contempt and even hatred towards our Immaculate Mother ; The fifth offense against the Immaculate Heart is the desecration of its statues and sacred images, which are a manifestation of its maternal presence.
Three of the five offenses concern the denial of doctrinal and dogmatic truth about Her. To deny the Marian dogmas and doctrines is the denial of their very person, of their own Heart . [5]

I. New blasphemies and attacks against the Mother of God
This coming December 21, 2018, the Bishop of Rome said:

«Then, who is happy in the cradle? Our Lady and Saint Joseph are full of joy: they look at the Child Jesus and they are happy because, after a thousand worries, they have accepted this gift of God, with so much faith and so much love. They are "overflowing" with holiness and, therefore, with joy. And you will tell me: by force! They are the Madonna and San Giuseppe! Yes, but we do not believe that it is easy for them: the saints are not born, they become, and this is also true for them ». [6]
In other words, Francis, clearly denies the dogma of the Immaculate Conception, contrary to what the Catholic faith affirms: that, at the moment, whatever it may be, in which the soul of Mary was infused by God into her body and there was, therefore, a proper conception, he received sanctifying grace simultaneously, not lacking it ever, nor for a minimum fraction of time.

For his part, the Bishop of Porto (Portugal), Bishop Manuel Linda, denied the virginity of Mary, the Mother of God, in an interview published on Sunday December 23 by the Portuguese website , in which the prelate He affirmed that we should never refer to the physical virginity of the Virgin Mary . No further comments.

II. A blasphemous mockery of the Holy Rosary
The Jesuit James Martin, [7] known for his continuous efforts in favor of the homosexual movement, published on December 3, this blasphemous parody of the Holy Rosary on his Facebook page:

«Dear friends: a few months ago, I received an unusual gift from scratch: a rosary that invites us to pray for a variety of suffering people: unborn children, victims of violence with firearms, refugees and migrants, victims of racism, LGBT people And , so on: one group for every "decade". I have seen many rosaries like this, but for me this is the most beautiful. ... (It goes without saying that you can also use it with a rosary and traditional mysteries). It was a beautiful gift that I saved and used. And a few weeks ago, in the Teaching of the Ignatian Family, in Washington, DC, I met the wonderful people behind this gift, " Contemplative Rebellion ," and I was able to thank them ... The rosary of modern sorrows is available here (with a more detailed description of the intentions related to each decade) » .​
This is the "prayer" that Contemplative Rebellion invites to repeat the prayer of the fifth decade:

" We pray for a welcome to LGBTQ people in all churches, temples, mosques and synagogues. We pray for LGBTQ couples , their children and extended families. We pray that they may be supported and loved, with full acceptance as people truly created in the image of God, a creation that God saw as "good", and that they deserve to live every aspect of life to the fullest .​

In the Fifteen Promises of the Holy Rosary , Our Lady says:
[The third one]: The Rosary will be a very strong defense shield against hell, it will destroy the vices, it will free from sins and it will exterminate the heresies.
[The fourth]: The Rosary will make the virtues germinate and will also make its devotees obtain divine mercy; it will substitute in the hearts of men the love of the world for love of God and will raise them to desire heavenly and eternal things. How many souls by this means will be sanctified!
It was to the Flemish mystic Pere Lamy - called by his bishop the other priest of Ars - to whom God told him that the First World War had three causes: blasphemy, Sunday work, and the desecration of marriage.

In Fatima, the Blessed Virgin confirms this teaching when she tells us: war is a punishment for sin.
Saint Luis María de Montfort, in the admirable Secret of the Most Holy Rosary reminds us of the excellence of it and its purposes:

"The Blessed Virgin revealed to Blessed Alano that, as soon as Saint Dominic preached the Rosary, the sinners became inveterate and bitterly mourned their crimes, the children themselves did incredible penance and the fervor was so great, wherever the Rosary was preached , that sinners changed their lives and edified everyone with their penances and their amendment of life "(n ° 83).​

«Blessed Alano de la Roche, Father Juan Dumont, Father Thomas, the chronicles of Saint Dominic and other authors, who were many of them eyewitnesses, refer to a great number of miraculous conversions of sinners and sinners after twenty, thirty or forty years in the greatest disorder, nothing had been able to convert them, and they were converted by this wonderful devotion »(n ° 114)​
«It purifies us from sin» (n ° 81).​

"As the devotion of the Holy Rosary has been authorized by heaven with various prodigies and approved by the Church in several papal bulls, only the libertines, impíos and strong spirits of these times dare to defame the Brotherhood of the Holy Rosary or to move away from her to the faithful. In truth, their tongues are infected with the poison of hell and are moved by the evil spirit; because nobody can disapprove the devotion of the Holy Rosary without condemning the most pious thing that there is in the Christian Religion, namely: the Sunday prayer, the angelic salutation and the mysteries of the life, death and glory of Jesus Christ and of His Blessed Mother »( No. 30).​

And at Fatima, the Mother of God confirmed emphatically in each of her six apparitions, the importance of praying the Rosary referring to the salvation of sinners, the ruin of souls in hell, wars and the future of our time. She pointed to the Rosary as the prayer that saves.

Father Martin and Contemplative Rebellion, promote the prayer of the favorite prayer of Mary Most Holy, for ends totally opposed to those of Our Lady, ergo, the "blessing" of sodomy, the formation of families outside the Plan of God, the fornication, sin. A true blasphemy that seeks to denaturalize the Holy Rosary leading to impious practice.

III. Theotokos, Mary is the Mother of God
The entire Old Testament has as its backbone a promise from God: And I will put enmity between you (the serpent) and the woman, and between your lineage and your lineage: it will crush your head, and you will crush the heel . [8]

Mary, still without a name, but always Mary, is the most important character of the Old Testament, from whose coming into the world the coming of the Messiah depends. The prophets will sing it, even pointing out a paradox that will be realized: that it will be the Mother of the Messiah, and, at the same time, a virgin, since God will act in it in a special and unique way, which will not be repeated in any of women before or after. The people of Israel dream of this woman who will bring the Messiah. In the year 431, the Council of Ephesus officially proclaimed that Mary is the Mother of God:

"From the beginning, the Church teaches that in Christ there is only one person, the second person of the Most Holy Trinity. Mary is not only the mother of nature, of the body but also of the person who is God from all eternity. When Mary gave birth to Jesus, she gave birth in time to who from all eternity was God. Just as every human mother is not only the mother of the human body but also of the person, so Mary gave birth to a person, Jesus Christ, who is both God and man, then She is the Mother of God ».​
The last sacred book, the Apocalypse, highlights the function of Mary Most Holy. In his chapter 12 he dramatically describes how he effectively defends his Son who must rule all nations, against the Monster.

But Satan's fight against the Mother of God does not end with that episode: "the dragon was angry against the woman, and went to make war against the rest of her lineage, those who keep the commandments of God keep the testimony of Jesus". [9]
The Woman of Genesis and the Apocalypse, Mary Most Holy, continues to be the protagonist, since the spirit of evil pursues her in her children who are still in the world, being She the captain in the struggle against the forces of hell.

« Rejoice, O Virgin Mary, because you alone have destroyed all the heresies in the whole world ».​