Necessary to ask forgiveness for anti-Judaism : Pope



The Pope: "We have behind us 19 centuries of Christian anti-Judaism"

Vatican News via INFOVATICANA January 18, 2019

In the preface to the book "The Bible of Friendship," Pope Francis recalls that "we have behind us nineteen centuries of Christian anti-Judaism, while a few decades of dialogue are little in comparison." "However, in recent times many things have changed and others are changing"

(Amedeo Lomonaco / Vatican News) - "For both the Jew and the Christian, there is no doubt that love of God and neighbor summarizes all the commandments." "Therefore, Jews and Christians must feel brothers and sisters, united by the same God and by a rich common spiritual heritage on which to lean and continue to build the future." Pope Francis writes it in the preface to the book "The Bible of Friendship. Passages of the Torah / Pentateuch commented by Jews and Christians ".
The volume, by Marco Cassuto Morselli and Giulio Michelini (Cinisello Balsamo, Editions San Pablo, 2019), goes on sale today. In the prologue, which already published the Holy See's newspaper L'Osservatore Romano , the Pontiff writes that the best way to dialogue "is not only to talk and discuss, but to make projects and carry them out together." While "the common goal will be to be witnesses of the Father's love throughout the world."

"I am very conscious - observes Francisco - that we have behind us nineteen centuries of anti-Christian Judaism and that few decades of dialogue are very little in comparison.However, in recent times many things have changed and others are changing. " "It is necessary to work with greater intensity - the Pope writes - to ask for forgiveness and to repair the damage caused by incomprehension. The values, the traditions, the great ideas that identify Judaism and Christianity must be placed at the service of humanity without ever forgetting the sacredness and authenticity of friendship. The Bible makes us understand the inviolability of these values, the necessary premise for a constructive dialogue ".

"It is of vital importance for Christians - it is read in the preface - to discover and promote the knowledge of the Jewish tradition in order to achieve a more authentic understanding of themselves. The study of the Torah also forms part of this fundamental commitment. For this reason I wish to entrust your path of investigation to the words of the invocation that every Jewish believer prays every day at the end of the Amidah prayer: "May the doors of Torah, wisdom, intelligence and knowledge, the doors of nutrition and sustenance, the doors of life, of grace, of love, of mercy and of appreciation before You ".


leon fortayne

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Maybe Francis can get the jews to apologise for the Talmud which gives us writings such as Jesus Christ is in hell in a boiling pool of semen and poo, or that the Virgin Mary was a slut, or even better rules on sexually abusing children (girls up to the age of 3 and boys up to 9).
Anyway the claim by francis that there has been 19 centuries of 'anti judaism' is false because those who claim to be jewish are not descendants of the ancients, but rather descendants of converts.