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Do you remember the moment that your child or someone you loved was diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder?
More than 3.5 million Americans live with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Severe Autism diagnoses don’t need to be a living death sentence. Many of the severe symptoms of Autism can be greatly reduced, allowing these kids to overcome obstacles and live healthy, enriched lives.
If you’ve felt the overwhelm, dread, grief, and helplessness that comes with an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis, please know that there is more than hope for you and your child!
Kristin Selby Gonzalez, President of the Autism Hope Alliance and her organization are hosting a special 6-day online event:

HOPE WITH A PLAN: Keeping Families Together, Whole & Healthy
September 16th- 21st

It’s completely free to attend and is happening NOW:
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You’ll be able to access the event from anywhere with an internet connection, or from a smartphone right in the comfort of your own home or office.
You’ll get access to over 25 of the world’s top Autism experts, resources and free giveaways direct to you, in the comfort of your own home. Some of the experts you’ll hear from are:
  • Robert Doman, Founder & Director of NACD
  • Dr. Kurt Woeller
  • Kate Wilde
  • Raun Kaufman
  • Jacqueline Laurita
Some of the life-changing topics that will be addressed include:
  • Helping Your Child Turn Sounds and Words Into Simple Conversations
  • Enzymes, Digestion and Autism
  • Autism IS Treatable
  • Parenting Tools for Intense Behavior
  • The Science of Sugar Addiction and Its Impact on Health
  • Environmental Toxins and Autism
  • Primer on Cannabinoids in Autism
  • And many more...
Don’t miss this free online event that will dramatically change your life and the life of your child.

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Hope IS possible—and it's now more possible, more real, than it's ever been before!
P.S.: Know anyone who needs support with their child with Autism? Please forward this invitation to friends, family, teachers and therapists today!