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If any of you have four minutes to spare, here's a little challenge for you. Watch this video, and make a note of how many times the following are mentioned:

Archbishop Lefebvre
Vatican II
The Crisis in the Church
The Traditional Mass
The Novus Ordo
the phrase "Traditional Catholic"
the Social Kingship of Christ
....any other reason which justifies sending your children to a SSPX school instead of a "good" novus ordo, or even "good" Protestant school...?

Finally, review your notes and draw a sensible conclusion. Write in an email ( or use the form submission Here and let us know.

Source: The Recusant


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The bit that grates on me is right toward the end [from 3:26] where the voice over says "The best investment in a parish, for the long term good... is the education of the future. That at this point of the history of the school, every single graduate has gone on to higher education - either to a college, has pursued a religious vocation, or has joined the military. And it then goes on to say "we are very proud of that and it is a legacy that will continue..."

I fear that the first child that graduates from this school with a firm belief in the Traditional Catholic faith but whom doesn't have a religious vocation and isn't suited to a liberalized military and is determined to avoid a higher education that may endanger his/her faith and so chooses to stay at home on a farm, or gets an apprenticeship or a manual labouring job, or simply learns how to be a good home keeper would be an embarrassment to this schools reputation.

What is the chief end of Man?

What I'm trying to say is that what grates on me is that excepting the bit about a religious vocation the rest seems to evidence a pride in a secular standard of achievement - Higher Education. On our Judgement day, Our Lord is not going to ask if we have a diploma, MBA or PhD or even if we served our country in the military. It matters not whether we be a toilet cleaner or a doctor or a fighter pilot. What matters is whether we performed our duty of state and that we are in a state of grace.

In saying that I'm not advocating graduates should just become school dropouts - there is a clear message from parable of the talents. If the master gives you a talent, he expects you to use it to the best of your ability, but to some he gives just one talent while to others he gives five. But likewise I have a difficulty when a Christian school seems to stake it's reputation on every past graduate having five talents and gaining a place in a institution of higher learning.



I agree with you "mr Percy ". I would also add another thought. Whilst a bit of military training can be a good thing for a young male ( did a bit myself ), nowadays you are just going to kill or be killed for the corporate interests of the. NWO. They are not fighting for my freedom, nor do I thank them for their 'service'. I do respect some of the humanitarian assistance provided by our forces locally post natural disasters, but the reality is that all the interventions done are in the interests of maintaining and expanding the geo-political interests and agendas of the NWO.


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