Moral conduct of SSPX questioned by Mons. Vigano



Sunday, September 6, 2020


For several months, Monsignor Viganò has been speaking publicly about Catholic news: the questioning of the Second Vatican Council, the perversion of the modernist clergy, the excesses of Pope Francis, the COVID-19 crisis, the tyranny of health, the problems of the family, etc. ... and this brave step has been almost ignored by the Society of Saint Pius X. However, the seriousness of the issues discussed and the relevance of the argument leave no room for doubt.

So why this silence that weighs on Monsignor Viganò?

The confession comes to us today from the Porte Latine site:…

Monsignor Viganò, former Apostolic Nuncio in Washington, boldly denounces these same errors, not to mention the long struggle waged by Tradition. What does he think about it? The ambiguity has remained until now. The prelate finally gives us his point of view on this issue.
" The ambiguity remained until now, " they write, and it lay in the fact that Monsignor Viganò did not mention the Fraternity, or Monsignor Lefebvre!

The formula smells of wounded self-love ...
It should also be noted that the clarification deemed useful by the Fraternity in this delicate matter has been entrusted to the site La Porte Latine, an organ of the District of France. However, it seems that it would have been normal for the FSSPX-News site - under the responsibility of the General House - to intervene in the first line on such an issue.

But the bottom line is elsewhere: those responsible for the General Council know very well that Bishop Viganò does not share the new "accordist" line of the Fraternity, inaugurated in 2012, put into practice by Bishop Fellay, and continued without corrections significant by his successor Fr. Pagliarani (and Bishop de Galarreta) since 2018.

Indeed, from now on, Bishop Viganò does not encourage the clergy or the congregations with which he is in contact to legally submit to a conciliar authority. This is what he wrote to a friend of ours who thought he could find a canonical solution with Rome or any diocese:

I remind you, if it were not superfluous, that these tests are a sign of God's blessing and the fact that you are on the right track; If you find the approval and encouragement of heretical or vicious prelates, you must question both your vocation and your moral conduct ; and it is precisely from the fierce persecution of these that they must draw great consolation: virtus in infirmitate perficitur . The diseases that afflict your religious community confirm the inevitable incompatibility between the children of light and the children of darkness, just as the struggle between God and Satan is relentless. Although some battles are lost, the victory of the war is already assured, because our King is invincible and the leader who guides us isterribilis ut castrorum acies ordinata . (Letter from Mons. Viganò - July, 2020)
These words of Monsignor Viganò constitute, therefore, a condemnation, certainly implicit, but perfectly clear, of the decisions of the chapter of the SSPX of 2012, of the canonical "facilities" accepted on the sacraments (especially confessions and marriages), and of the diplomatic game of Father Pagliarani destined to satisfy everyone. Archbishop Viganò goes so far as to write that such a concession "must put into question his vocation and his moral conduct at the same time"! Terrible words for the 675 priests of the Fraternity!

That is why Bishop Fellay recently wrote to a religious regarding Bishop Viganò:

Dear X…,
Thank you very much for your letter and that of Bishop Viganò.
I do not know what to say, but I would be very prudent with the whole thing ... but I pray for XX, and I bless you
you guys.
Bishop Bernard Fellay | FSSPX
Priorat Mariä Verkündigung
CH - 6313 Menzingen (ZG)
T + 41 41 757 10 50
F + 41 41 757 10 55
The shame of the General House can be guessed, and it is understood that "prudence" is required (not that of the Gospel!) With respect to a prelate who does not come from the middle of Tradition, and whose behavior seems to call into question the policy of canonical rapprochement of the SSPX to modern Rome, and in the same logic - why not? - the accommodation of the modernist bishop Huonder in an establishment of the Fraternity in Switzerland.

Having perceived the danger, the leaders of Ménzingen are thus faced with a dilemma: on the one hand, fearing Rome, they do not want to renounce a canonical arrangement with "conciliar" legality; on the other, fearing the upheaval within the Fraternity, they do not want to publicly distance themselves from an eminent prelate ... who is approaching the position of rupture adopted in 1988 by Bishop Lefebvre in the face of the conciliar apostasy.

So why was the FSSPX forced to publish Bishop Viganò's letter of September 1, 2020?
For the main reason that, in this letter in response to the Catholic Family News journalist, Mgr. Viganò speaks well of the SSPX. Therefore, it is impossible to remain silent in the face of such correspondence. The second reason is the corollary of the first: criticism of the leaders of the SSPX is never allowed; By virtue of this rule, a man is good if he speaks (or writes) well of the Fraternity, its leaders and its acts (whatever they may be), and must be banned or ignored in all other cases. It doesn't matter what the truth, or the error, of what he said. As Archbishop Williamson points out, we are in the middle of subjectivism.

Believing itself clever, the Porte Latine publishes the passage in question from Bishop Viganò's correspondence, but does not note that the Archbishop speaks of the Fraternity in the past tense. In the same way, the site is careful not to remember that Bishop Tissier's study on the distinction "Catholic Church - Conciliar Church" (approved by Archbishop Viganò) was the subject of an official refutation under the signature of Father Gleize, widely posted on the sites of the SSPX.
We hope the reader perceives the deplorable tactics employed by the Fraternity. As the criterion of judgment is no longer the truth, but opportunism and appearances, we find ourselves in the presence of an approach that is now closer to political maneuvering than to the defense of Catholic Orthodoxy. In these conditions, can we claim the inheritance of Bishop Lefebvre, and claim the honors due to his memory?

The height of hypocrisy: in a few days, the founder's tomb will be transferred from the current tomb of Ecône to the crypt of the seminary church.
Guess who will preside over the ceremony.

Monsignor Fellay ... the same one who betrayed his Father in the combat of the Faith.

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