Look Not Upon My Sins



“Look not upon my sins but upon my faith…”

This passage stood out for me when praying that particular part of the liturgy of today’s Mass. My state of sin overwhelms me often when I pray. I think the devil has a hand in that because it overshadows the gift of faith and prevents me from using it.

As I pondered the above words they came alive outshining the overshadowing, destroying it. Then it became clear that the gift of faith is eternal. It was a wonderful revelation. How many times had I read that passage and not seen what it meant? I think it was because I was saying prayers – not praying. Why did I doubt that once given, Our Lord does not take away – ever. Recognising at that moment the action of God’s grace, it extended and deepened to ‘see’ that all His gifts are permanent. Nobody has the power to destroy or remove them once implanted by the Living God.

My faith was suddenly liberated from the chains of deception which is the only power the devil possesses, for he does not possess the truth nor everlasting life.
<em>“O Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, who according to the will of the Father, through the co-operation of the Holy ghost, hath by thy death given life to the world: deliver me by this Thy most Holy Body and Blood from all my transgressions and from all evils…..:"
There it is again…or rather, it has not gone away: His death in exchange for my life. His death to preserve my life, body and soul. Surely this understanding came solely through Mary interceding for her child. Was not Our Lady preserved from sin? Was not she responsible for obtaining this grace for her child – a sinner? Gradually unknitting me-sin-by sin with here Queenly power?

I will make that My thought for the day.

[COLOR=##1979e6][/COLOR] [COLOR=##1578e9]Look Not Upon My sins but upon my Faith[/COLOR]