It's Time to Fight for Australia


Next Month we are having an election. The two main parties are led by (a) a Union Socialist and (b) a supine Prime Minister that believes in everything. Queenslanders have the privilege of having someone of Bernie's calibre to stand for parliament.


Campaign Update

Together we have fought hard for our civilisation and way of life over the last few years. From halal certification to dangerous attacks on free speech we have already made an impact.

Now it is time to counter-attack hard. And we must. Just this week I was able to get the media to report on the fact that the Australian Defence Force has been using 'cultural sensitivity' training in an attempt to promote the idea that Islam is a religion of peace.

On July 2 we will get the politicians that we deserve: politicians who will deliver more debt and further damage to our way of life, or politicians who will stand up to the Greens, Labor and Turnbull-lite Liberals. As the lead Senate candidate for the Australian Liberty Alliance in Queensland, I will do just that. If elected, I will be the conservative voice in the Senate protecting the future for our children and grandchildren.

Queensland Events

Over the next few days, our campaign will move into western Queensland:

  • Roma: 3pm, Sunday 12 June, Roma Bowls Club (35 Lovell St)
  • Emerald: 630pm, Monday 13 June, CWA Hall (45 Borilla St)
  • Mount Isa: 630pm, Tuesday 14 June, Buffs Club (102 Camoweal St)
I will then visit Gladstone, Bundaberg and the Sunshine Coast between 15-18 June. I will also travel to Rockhampton, Mackay, Townsville and Cairns from 21-25 June.

During the last week of the campaign I will be in SE Queensland. Watch out for the Australian Liberty Alliance to make waves in Brisbane on 30 June. And keep the evening 25 June free: it will be our major campaign event. We'd love to see you there.

Stay tuned for details on my Facebook page.
Campaigning Costs

Thanks to the efforts of thousands of Queenslanders, we have a real chance of success on July 2. About 750,000 flyers have been delivered across the state, most by hand. This has helped to spread the word, despite an obvious media blackout in recent weeks.

For election day, we are now:

  • printing 840,000 how to vote cards
  • paying for the distribution of up to 340,000 of them
  • delivering half a million to support groups across Queensland for election day
  • distributing 1400 corflutes all over Queensland
  • paying the costs of freight
  • preparing a daring advertising blitz in Brisbane two days before the election
  • purchasing 1000 T-shirts
  • ordering 1.5 km of plastic bunting
All of this is locked in and we have committed to pay. That said, a few days ago we were $15,000 short. Thanks to the generosity of many ordinary Australians, we have now been able to cover some of these costs. However, we are still short and would like to do much more.

If you wish to support the campaign in Queensland and take your place in the fight to defend Australian values, your donation would be most appreciated:

Bank Transfer:
  • Name: ALA Qld
  • BSB: 063243
  • A/c No: 10361291
Paypal: Click here

How to Vote

On Friday, the Australian Electoral Commission determined the ballot order.

The Australian Liberty Alliance drew position 'N' on the large white Senate ballot paper. 'N' stands for 'No Sharia'.

If you wish to vote for me and the rest of the Australian Liberty Alliance team, simply vote '1' above the line as detailed on our How to Vote card.


Legal Update
During this campaign it has been frustrating, to say the least, that legal action against me has continued.

The Chief of Defence Force appealed against my victory in the Federal Court last year. This appeal was heard in early May and judgement has been reserved. It may be some time before the Full Court of the Federal Court hands down its decision. However, this case has already cast doubts on the constitutionality of s18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

The full absurdity of Defence's so-called apolitical position has been shown across Australia in the last few days. Defence has suddenly started enforcing its policy that the uniform cannot be associated with political activity. That is why it sacked a Liberal candidate for his campaign billboards. However, it has not taken the same action against a Labor candidate for doing exactly the same thing. Meanwhile, it continues to defend participation in the Sydney Mardi Gras on the basis that it can 'approve' political activities of its choosing.

And to cap it all off: while Defence is all hot under the collar because a conservative politician used images of himself in uniform, the Air Force's own newspaper promoted the Member for Moreton while he was in uniform recently. You can probably guess his party: Labor.

The anti-discrimination cases against me continue and the complaints continue to roll in. Apparently, the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board now thinks that it is illegal to even talk about funding that anti-marriage groups receive from government departments. This matter has now progressed to the NSW Supreme Court and I remain confident that it will eventually shutdown serial complainants and the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board.

If so, it will be a fight well worth having. I remain proud that I have been the first person to take this fight on. However, I could only have done so with the support of many Australians behind me.

Thank you and I hope that I can meet expectations and then my responsibilities on July 2. Please pray that I do.

Kind regards,


Bernard Gaynor
Christ is our king!
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