Introduction to a Devout Life


Introduction to a Devout Life
by St. Francis De Sales, 1920

. . . true devotion does no harm whatever, but rather gives perfection to all things; but when it is not compatible with our lawful vocation, then, without doubt, it is false. "The bee," says Aristotle, "extracts honey from flowers without injuring them, and leaves them as entire and fresh as she found them." True devotion goes still further, for it not only does no injury to any vocation or employment, but, on the contrary, adorns and beautifies it. As all sorts of precious stones, when cast into honey, receive a greater lustre, each according to its color, so every one's vocation becomes more agreeable when united with devotion. By devotion, the care of the family is rendered more peaceable, the love of the husband and wife more sincere; the service of the prince more faithful; and every employment more pleasant and agreeable. --page 8

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