Interview with Bishop Williamson


Two years have passed since you were expelled from the Society, how are things going?

For the most part fine, I have been freed from the venom that is poisoning all of the Society under this leadership that wants to obtain a deal at any price by submitting itself to the Roman apostates, so I have freed myself or bishop Fellay has freed me with my expulsion from the Society. I believe it was providential. I am doing fine; just a little let down because of a relative lack of action on the part of many good priests of the Society, also from the laity, but the disappointment is less in respect to the laity than the priests.

I understand very well, humanly speaking, that the priests prefer to remain in the Society. Humanly it’s understandable, but from the point of view of the Faith, it’s a shame that they don’t see the necessity of the Faith and the need to protect themselves from this universal poison that is now in the Society. It’s terrible that the priests don’t see this because if they don’t take action, little by little they will fall. For example, in Chicago, Illinois where Bishop Tissier is relatively incarcerated, not absolutely but indeed relatively incarcerated, I hear that his position is growing weaker. That is to say, he is a very good man, a good bishop with good doctrine, but if he insists on remaining within the Society and being a loyal subject of Bishop Fellay, he will become more and more poisoned. This is what those who are close to him have observed.

Did the 2012 General Chapter have a great influence on the decline of the Society?

A little after the 2012 General Chapter, Fr. Chazal spoke with Bishop Tissier, and Bishop Tissier commented that the General chapter was a disaster. When Fr. Chazal made this public, the bishop had to deny having said this because of pressure from the leadership. Anyways, it’s true that the 2012 General Chapter was a disaster. The reason being that entering into this Chapter, there were several priests and bishops that were resolved to resist this treachery of Bishop Fellay, Fr. Nely, Fr. Pfluger, Fr. Lorans, Fr. Du Chalard, and of all the leadership. They were resolved to resist but leaving from the very same Chapter, Bishop Fellay had succeeded in poisoning them, and in leaving they had lost their clear-sightedness, their courage, their will to resist. Incredible. This Chapter was a master stoke of enchantment by Bishop Fellay. He is a master of confusion; he has an incredible ability to confuse their minds and cause them to follow his wrong course. I would even say that it is demonic. I don’t believe that he is a conscious agent of the devil, but rather an unconscious agent; to me it seems evident due to his fruits. His fruits are the destruction of the work of Archbishop Lefebvre. Nevertheless, it must be said that he is not alone; he has collaborators that together constitute a leadership that is dominating and falsifying all of Archbishop Lefebvre’s work. It’s incredible.

And the formation of the seminarians is also a key factor to the success of the leadership, is it not?

After the consecrations of ’88 and before passing away in ’91, Archbishop Lefebvre read Fr. Emmanuel Barbier’s book, a very good, anti-liberal book that studies the history of the whole struggle between liberals and anti-liberals since the 19th century. After having read it, Archbishop Lefebvre said: (I have two sources and that is how I know he said this) “If I would have read this book before, I would have formed my seminarians differently.” And it is very possible as he also said in retreats during the last two years of his life that having read Fr. Barbier’s book he understood that the struggle between liberals and anti-liberals of the 19th century was exactly the very same struggle of Ecône against Rome. In other words, the good, anti-liberal popes from the 19th century, for example Blessed Pius IX, who fought against the pernicious liberals of the same century, it’s the same fight, only that in that century the good guys were in power and the bad guys were thrown out. In the 20th century, after Vatican II, the bad guys are in charge and the good guys are kicked out. Therefore it is very likely that he may have said that he would have formed his seminarians better, or in other words, stronger anti-liberals with more knowledge of the Revolution in able to understand it and be able to resist it. Archbishop Lefebvre always insisted on the sanctity of the priest, which is excellent, indisputable, but it is a formation much like that of the seminarians of the 30s or 50s, in other words, a classical formation that is long gone due to the evil of Vatican II. All of this suggests that, maybe, Archbishop Lefebvre had not taken enough precaution; he had not understood from the beginning the substantial evil of the Council. I don’t know. Towards the end of his life, Archbishop Lefebvre said, among other things, that if you read the documents of Vatican II, the more you realize that it deals with a profound perversion of the mind. It doesn’t only deal with particular errors, like religious liberty, ecumenism, etc., although these errors are immense; it deals with something more profound and more universal: a total perversion of the mind. It is a very interesting and very fitting quote for the last days of the life of the Archbishop, and I believe that near the end of his life, when he performed the 1988 consecrations- a thoroughly justified action- he understood that there were necessary actions that were to be found deeper in the minds, in the spirit, in religion; in contrast to this very profound evil that is the liberal perversion each time more powerful in the minds due to the modern world.

He had reaffirmed, moreover, near the end of his life, that they could not approach Rome until it converts...

Yes, most clearly, and we have this very important quote that says that it will be I who lays out the conditions, and my condition is that they accept Pascendi, Quanta Cura, Syllabus, and the great, anti-liberal documents of the 19th century popes and the popes of the first half of the 20th century. The Archbishop realized that there was no way of talking with the Romans. If there are no fundamentals or principals shared among those who are discussing, the discussion is impossible. And as a matter of fact, this is the case, and poor Bishop Fellay doesn’t have the least bit of an idea of the evil that he is confronting when he is in Rome. It is so ingenuous. He is blind. He is completely ignorant to the problem. And so he seeks the solution as a deal with Rome that is completely false from the point of view of the Faith. He doesn’t see anything; he is blinded. And the disappointing thing is that there may be many Society priests that do not see it, or seeing it they do not take action against it, because the problem cannot be more serious than it is. It is the complete perversion of modern man, an in depth perversion. They may be sincere, but it is precisely this sincerity that is perfectly compatible with this perversion of the mind. The subjective goodness does not change the objective evil of being in error, of not being in reality, and these Romans and nearly the entire modern world is in a dream world. I believe that only a chastisement from God will be able to correct or put an end to this fantasy. Mankind prefers the lies of men to the Truth of God. Only God can change this.

And Bishop Fellay claimed that there were no more discussions with Rome, while Monsignor Pozzo says that they were never suspended.

Certainly, and it is because Bishop Fellay is in an illusion, or strictly speaking we could say that he is lying. Is he aware of the seriousness regarding what he is lying about? He is constantly lying. It is incredible, absolutely incredible. But he is a modern man and for the modern man the lack of reality justifies everything. Anything can be said, and it is justified if it is in harmony with this lack of reality. This is an inconceivable mentality, but it is the mentality, and this is the mentality that exists in the minds of the leadership. The leadership is objectively insane. Subjectively there could be a good will, but it is difficult to believe because God constantly gives the graces to come out of this fantasy world and return to reality and His Truth so that they may guide souls to the actual Heaven and avoid the actual Hell. But they reject this help from God because they do not act in accordance with the reality of God. They continue acting in accordance with the fantasy world, the lies... it is incredible.

What do you think of a “recognition of tolerance” or “accepting us as we are”?

It is a trap. Because the Romans have made themselves agents of the devil, and Bishop Fellay, for example, said to us in his April 2012 response to the three bishops that “you are not realists, you lack supernatural spirit, it is possible to convert Rome, it is not impossible.” My dear friend, it is impossible! Fr. Vallet said: “A liberal does not convert.” They do not convert unless it is an exceptional grace from God! Liberalism is a system of thought and way of life in their truth according to that fantasy world which one encloses himself, and one cannot bring oneself out of it because it is too beautiful and lovely being within this fantasy. It is nearly impossible to come out of it. Well, nearly the entire world is liberal, and to be liberal matters to everyone’s friends. Being anti-liberal, I am in seclusion, the difficulties, the opposition, the conflict. Because of this nearly all of the Society priests are apparently following the fantasy of Bishop Fellay because it is more comfortable. A deal with the Romans as they are is impossible; it is impossible to reconcile Satan and Christ. It is ridiculous. Here lies the crux of the problem of the fantasy world of Bishop Fellay: We will reconcile Satan and Christ. It is impossible. They are irreconcilable. I do not understand the reason why he is blinded, or why he doesn’t want to see it.

Cardinal Ouellet said that it was necessary to consider the Society from an ecumenical viewpoint.

That’s right! It is ecumenical. The Romans cannot accept the Archbishop’s Society because it is true Catholicism. It is God’s truth; that Truth which Archbishop Lefebvre always remained faithful to. What is essential about Archbishop Lefebvre is that he remained faithful until the end: Tradidi quod et accepi, I have passed on what I have received. Passing on the Truth is unacceptable for the agents of this fantasy world. It is God’s reality versus man’s fantasy, and both are irreconcilable. What Cardinal Ouellet says is perverse, well he says “from an ecumenical viewpoint”. In other words, what the Society is doing is good, but it must be incorporated into the ecumenism of the official church. That is, Tradition must be reconciled with the Council. Impossible.

Bishop Fellay is probably content with this quote from Cardinal Ouellet because it is his same position. The Romans say that the “Council must be reconciled with Tradition” and Bishop Fellay says that “Tradition must be reconciled with the Council.” Both sides meet in the center. An ecumenical viewpoint means that the Society must change according to the desires of Rome. It is a terrible error. The Romans, trapped in their system, are incapable of understanding Tradition. They cannot understand it. Their minds are so counterfeit and bogus that they are endowed with very false principles which cannot comprehend that there is a God that has absolute demands which cannot give in to the will of men.

The affirmation of Bishop Fellay several days ago in Lourdes where he stated “Fear not!..But we do not have the right to let ourselves be paralyzed, we must go forward- (in Spanish, not withdraw into ourselves*)”, is this not Modernist language?

Of course this is Modernist language! Because everything that deals with the Doctrine of God is immutable; it cannot change. Withdraw into ourselves with a defensive position, enclosing ourselves in the Doctrine of God; it is to lock oneself into the Truth of God. God’s Truth is infinitely open but only to God’s corresponding reality. This opening to God’s reality excludes the lies and foolishness of Bishop Fellay and the Romans and all the idiots in the modern world. Then our enclosure is in relation to what is bad and our infinite opening is to all that is good, but this Bishop Fellay doesn’t understand this anymore. It is the will of men against the will of God, and he appears to understand what the will of God is each time less and less. And each time he is worse and worse in his directing of the Society. Each time he is poisoning more and more the spirits of the priests who do not have the courage to leave from being under this poor conduct of his.

After this weak communication about the supposed “beatification” of Paul VI, how do you believe Archbishop Lefebvre would have reacted?

In a completely different way than that of Bishop Fellay. Poor Archbishop Lefebvre without a doubt is in heaven, but if it were possible, his body would be rolling over in his tomb in Ecône. It is the betrayal of his work. It is the dissolution of his work. The Archbishop did everything he could in his days. He had pleased God, and God had been pleased with him because of what he had done; with today’s world it was inevitable that the Society would fall after his death. That’s the way things are. Today’s world is so engulfed in corruption, coercions, confusions, lies, and deceit… Archbishop Lefebvre must be very displeased with what is happening in the Society.

The Society is appearing each day more and more like an Ecclesia Dei community. Is this not the case?

Yes, it is the poison. It is the poison of Bishop Fellay, Bishop De Galarreta, Fr. Pfluger, Fr. Nely, Fr. Du Chalard, Fr. Lorans, and Fr. Schmidberger, these liberal leaders. But the ringleader is Bishop Fellay, and he has a scary responsibility for the fall of the Society into the thinking of the modern world. Some Romans will be pleasing but not all of them. And what Bishop Fellay fails to see is that if he is successful in leading the Society into the official church, he will not remain for very long as its leader. They will depose of him just like they deposed Fr. Basil from the Fraternity of St. Peter. Why? Who will have confidence in a traitor? A traitor can always betray a second time. And not having confidence in him, soon he would be replaced by a poor member of the Society that is more deceived than he is. But he doesn’t see this; he doesn’t want to see it. Deep down what is the driving force? What is motivating him? God only knows, but whatever it may be, it is poisoning and poisoning. Pass on what you receive, in this case, poison: the poison of Liberalism, of Modernism, and of the breaking down of thinking from what is true, good, and just.

Concerning the Consecration of Russia, do you believe that in Menzingen they might still believe in the need to do this?

I don’t know. It is very probable that each time they believe this less and less. Probably. It is very possible that at one time they did believe in the Consecration of Russia because of the request that the Most Holy Virgin of Fatima made. But when one takes a position against this, there is a confrontation; there is conflict, and the conflict must be resolved in one way or another. And if the leadership of the Society insists on following Rome, Rome rejects Fatima; it is clear (Cardinal Ratzinger in 2000, etc). Rome rejects Fatima because it rejects heaven’s divine solution. They don’t love God. They don’t love what is of God. They don’t love the Most Holy Virgin. They pretend that they do, but in fact they don’t, so they reject the solution of Our Lady of Fatima, and these demented people want nothing more than to please the Romans. So that is why there is this pressure each time of taking less consideration of the solution of the Blessed Virgin. They finally end up not believing in these means, in the solution of the Most Holy Virgin. And when you stop believing in this solution, you look for false solutions to no avail. The Society is coming to its end, effectively it is being finished. If it has not died, it is dying. It is very sad. There are still good priests in the Society, but this goodness of these priests is not sufficient. This crisis is very demanding. This crisis does not take prisoners; one either is saved or damned. There is no middle ground. You either retain the Faith and leave this very dangerous Bishop Fellay, or you remain on his playing field and become poisoned. That is how it is happening with good priests. And this is the cause of the fall of many priests; they are slipping little by little, at the head of these is Bishop Tissier, who is good. Bishop De Galarreta had fallen two years ago in October of 2012 with his Villepreux discourse, where he announced that he was on the side of the leadership of the Society (maybe he wants to be part of the leadership). Well, may the good Lord bless him, I say. But his usefulness to Tradition has come to an end. They can no longer defend Tradition because they do not understand it. Because from the moment that you say: Tradition is incompatible with the Freemasons in Rome, they say: Tradition is compatible with these Romans. The latter have a different concept of Tradition. And it is a diminished concept of Tradition because they conceive it as being compatible with the objective enemies of God, which these Romans are.

Is it because of this leadership that there no longer is a distinction between the Catholic Church and the official church?

About this I have a way of saying things. Yes. That is that they pretend that these men that are objectively agents of the devil are actually agents of Christ. It is false. Archbishop Lefebvre said so many times that the Catholic Church and the conciliar church are not the same.

What do we mean when we say the conciliar church? It is used to describe the many churchmen who occupy positions within the true Church. They themselves have their minds occupied with ideas and principles that do not belong to Catholic Truth. In other words, anti-Catholic ideas occupy the minds of the Catholic authority of the Church. The authority always exists. We do not deny the authority of the positions, nor that these ideas are false which are in the minds occupying these positions. That is the strength of these pernicious men that occupy the headquarters of Our Lord Jesus Christ. They do not have other strengths. They manage an authority that they do not have a right to manage. They command in a completely false sense, so they are not Catholics, in no way are they Catholics, except in the sense that they occupy Catholic positions. A mystery from God, but also a chastisement for the human race which doesn’t want to go to heaven, which doesn’t want God’s Truth and prefers the lies of men. Nothing is left except for God to intervene with a frightening chastisement, and this is what he will do. This is what I believe.

Being caught in the middle of this terrible situation, what can the faithful do?

Pray the Rosary. The rosary is a life preserver. Our Lord has said that with the Rosary and the Scapular many men will be saved. Therefore the faithful must wear their Scapulars and pray the Rosary. I am constantly saying that you should pray 15 mysteries every day. It is easier than one may think. It may seem like a lot, but it is not. And it is very powerful. If I still think in accordance to the Truth, I attribute this to the Rosary. God gave me the grace dozens of years ago of praying on average 15 mysteries every day. I carry with me the count of what I have prayed in my daily planner, and this is what I recommend. It is simple, practical and is not very demanding but is what the Most Holy Virgin requests. Put simply, if She requests it, it will surely be successful. If She requests it, it is because heaven wants it. If Heaven wants it than it is what will compensate so that we will get to Heaven. Floods, bombs, what does it matter if you get to Heaven? As long as I go to Heaven I do not care how I die. It is Heaven that matters. So then, the Rosary, the Sacraments if it is possible, of course, even though it may be that they are less accessible due to a lack of priests. Right now in the Society there are still many priests that teach sound Doctrine and give the Sacraments. That’s why I don’t believe that one should say that you must stay completely away from the Society. I believe that there are supernatural means given to the priests of the SSPX in order to help get to Heaven, but it is certain that there is a danger in the Society as well, a danger each time stronger and more poisonous. So then, Sacraments whenever it may be possible, good readings, keep yourself informed so much so that you do not let yourself become deceived. Read in order to be oriented without forgetting about your duty according to your state of life. Keep yourself correctly involved in your family in the right ways. Obey the Ten Commandments.

Non Possumus