Intellectual honesty needed to see Bergoglio's aim is demolition of the Catholic Church.




Vatican: Democratic reform? No; autocratic.

In accordance with the umpteenth provision promulgated by the one who collegially and synodically governs in a despotic manner by motu proprio, the cardinals of the Holy Roman Church may be subjected to trial and judged by lay people. It is impossible to find reasonable explanations for the extemporaneous decisions of Bergoglio, who has already infiltrated more than a few lay people into the Roman dicasteries and the synod of bishops, or at any rate non-ordained religious, in the name of synodality, democratization and gender parity. Nor is it any use invoking the Code of Canon Law, which the Roman Pontiff can abrogate at will. It is of no use to deplore the hierarchical subversion that allows a member of the teaching Church to judge a member of the teaching Church. Whoever believes that the Bergoglian norms and reforms are motivated by righteous purposes and have for their object the good of the ecclesial body is over the moon. If one has the intellectual honesty to recognize that the purpose of these innovations is the demolition of the Catholic Church and the tyrannical concentration of power, one will understand their full coherence and efficacy. Submitting the prelates to a tribunal composed of lay people appointed by the main tenant of Santa Marta means to subtract jurisdiction from the pastors to concentrate it in an individual under the guise of democracy, collegiality and participation of the laity in the government of the Church. Here we have a cunning paradox: Bergoglio imposes apparently democratic reforms contrary to the monarchical constitution of the Church of Christ with the sole purpose of dividing and arrogating to himself all the power that he himself claims to want to fight. By means of this move, he hoards power to punish or absolve whomever he pleases, thus guaranteeing himself the subjection of the courtiers and promoting a curia of bribable and corrupt sycophants.

Omne regnum divisum contra se desolabitur: et omnis civitas vel domus divisa contra se, non stabit (Mt. 12:25).

+ Carlo Maria Viganò