Informed Choices: Cure Cancer and other Diseases the Natural way


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To start, here are some excellent documentaries to be informed of your choices:

The Gerson Miracle

The Beautiful Truth

Dying to Have Known



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What I find most interesting is a certain correlation of “The Gerson Therapy” with a Japanese system of healing called “Macrobiotics”. I have very little knowledge of the the birth of and history of Macrobiotics, but I know their core principal is to achieve a balance between sodium and potassium. They claim the the perfect ration is 7:1 potassium to sodium. Outside that ratio there are health related disturbances across the spectrum of health.

So how does this relate to Gerson Therapy? Gerson Therapy is totally plant based, no animal protein and hardly any plant protein. You can survive about 10 weeks without any protein, by then any store of essential amino acids will be used up. In most western diseases there is too much sodium and too little potassium to balance the ratio. Exactly why I do not know, but when you remove protein from your diet the excess sodium will be flushed from the system. A urine test would show high levels of sodium. And in combination of plants high in potassium the intra and inter cellular fluid ratios are re-balanced.

The ratio of potassium to sodium can go the other way and produce other health problems, and it is conceivable that you could have high sodium to potassium ratios in one part of your body and the opposite situation in some other part. But again the key is to temporarily deplete protein so that the system can equalize. If animal fats are also a player in maintaining this imbalance, I do not know but can only speculate possibly.

While this seems to be the main mode of action, the detox of other undesirables is important as well.

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In layman's terms, in part why protein and sodium is prohibited when on a Gerson protocol for treating cancer is because protein builds cells when the protocol is trying to detox the body and prohibit the cancer cells itself from building. So it is a proactive measure to stay on an aggressive attack while limiting and starving the cancer cell from forming faster than the treatment. Protein is also harder to metabolize when on a juice diet to quicken the process in the blood stream.

As far as sodium, it is necessary to remove it. When sodium leaves, it allows potassium to enter the cells and help the cells heal.

As far as oils and fat, it also feeds the cancer. The object of the Gerson protocol is to keep the cells intact while starving and remove the cancer from the cell.

Here is a Foods For The Gerson Diet explaining why some foods are allowed and why some foods are prohibit.
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