Independent analysis


An extract from a commentary/analysis on CathInfo taken from a contributor/subscriber here: Source

"[...]Fr. Hewko gave a sermon on April 26th that went into it pretty seriously, saying that if you or I were given a copy of +Fellay's AFD (unfortunately misnamed "the preamble"), and given the choice of signing it or being put to death, we would have to choose death - and that would be martyrdom. We would have to choose martyrdom over signing the AFD. But +Fellay signed it. He not only signed it, but he thought about it for 8 months, did not tell anyone about it (except for his pack of denizens) and then tried to keep it hush-hush and secret from the world for the next YEAR, until some brave priests in France had had ENOUGH of the deception, and 'leaked' it, upon which +Fellay was FURIOUS and tried to admonish their naughtiness' even by speaking in public to denounce their so-called 'disobedience'[...]"