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In the true spirit of Archbishop Lefebvre and Catholic action some parishioners of OLMC, Boston, KY handed out at the Remnant sponsored Catholic Identity Conference, Saturday Oct. 28th, the recent OLMC seminary Gladium newsletter.
Stayed tuned and check back soon on Cor Mariae for electronic copies of this Gladium newsletter.

The event is briefly mentioned in this sermon:

for back issues of the Gladium- click here

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Fr. Pfeiffer described in this sermon OLMC seminary was obliged to respond like their founder Archbishop Lefebvre with apologetic pamphlets, this time, sending them via email to Bishop Fellay, many superiors, and all the false resistance bishops to condemn this false spirit against our Lord and His church.

The Remnant magazine (Michael Matt) hosted a 2017 Catholic Identity Conference inviting many diversed groups of beliefs from the neo-traditional conservative world and novus ordo prelates propagating the new religion of man. Invited also in this ecumenical roster is the speaking presence of the SSPX supporting this indifference to our Lord.

In similitude with the blaspheme of Assisi, this recent false ecumenism took place on traditional altars pompted from these neo-traditional groups -- fostering the religion of man.

This is the second year in a row Bishop Fellay had sought presence and clout to be a part of this false ecumenism. The 2016 Catholic Identity Conference was represented by Fr. John Brucciani, SSPX (then a bursar of Society of St. Pius X, and presently the District Superior of England). Seen here


Fr. John Brucciani, SSPX is on the far right among diocesan, the FSSP,
and Institute of Christ the King. He gave a talk on "What 'Viva Christo Rey' Really Means"​

Representing the SSPX at this 2017 Catholic Identity Conference is Fr. Jonathan Loop, SSPX (photo below) who gave a talk on “Our Lady’s Warnings in Light of Solzhenitsyn”.


Fr. Jonathan Loop SSPX is front row, forth on the right from the sister in blue (center).​

In order for false ecumenism and the rights of man to have sway, indifferentism must be acknowledged, rooted, and promoted among the participants.

So what is the difference between this false ecumenical meeting by neo-traditional conservatives and what happened in Brazil days ago from the same false ecumenical novus ordo representatives honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary and Buddha venerated together? Nothing! Both meetings foster indifferentism and blaspheme against the one Holy God.

Archbishop Lefebvre had condemned this false narrative many times. See here, Liberalism is not only a sin, it is a religion.

Welcome to neo-tradition, a classier vintage of false ecumenism with "traditional" incense.


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In order for false ecumenism and the rights of man to have sway, indifferentism must be acknowledged, rooted, and promoted among the participants.
Well said!

"We must remember that if all the manifestly good men were on one side and all the manifestly bad men on the other, there would be no danger of anyone, least of all the elect, being deceived by lying wonders. It is the good men, good once, we must hope good still, who are to do the work of Anti-Christ and so sadly to crucify the Lord afresh…. Bear in mind this feature of the last days, that this deceitfulness arises from good men being on the wrong side.”
—Fr. Frederick Faber, Sermon for Pentecost Sunday, 1861; qtd. in Fr. Denis Fahey, The Mystical Body of Christ in the Modern World

“People are not wanting who pretend to form an alliance between light and darkness and to associate justice with iniquity in favor of those doctrines called Liberal Catholicism, which, based on the most pernicious principles, show themselves favorable to the intrusion of secular power upon the domain of spirituals; they lead their partisans to esteem, or at least to tolerate, iniquitous laws, as if it were not written that no one can serve two masters. Those who thus conduct themselves are more dangerous and more baneful than declared enemies, not only because, without being warned of it, perhaps even without being conscious of it, they second the projects of wicked men, but also because, keeping within certain limits, they show themselves with some appearance of probity and sound doctrine. They thus deceive the indiscreet friends of conciliation and seduce honest people, who would otherwise have strenuously combatted a declared error.”
–Pope Pius IX, Brief to Circle of St. Ambrose of Mila, 1873

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Now that the neo-traditional conservatives have achieved common ground and PEACE among themselves, what's next for their human diet?

Notice when man wants freedom leaving the order of God they are enslaved by new masters called: pride, flesh, and devil (Matthew 4)? What is not evident to them that these three masters are not present in everyday function of the novus ordo bubble these neo-traditional conservatives organize and worship in?
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the command of Archbishop Lefebvre:

"We have to build, while the others are demolishing. The crumbled citadels have to be rebuilt, the bastions of Faith have to be reconstructed; firstly the holy sacrifice of the Mass of all times, which forms saints; then our chapels, our monasteries, our large families, our enterprises faithful to the social politics of the Church, our politicians determined to make the politics of Jesus Christ – this is a whole tissue of Christian social life, Christian customs, Christian reflexes, which we have to restore."