Homosexuality in the clergy


The publication of the book "Sodoma" in 20 countries and 8 languages, scheduled for February 21, is presented as a major media operation aimed at promoting the legitimacy of homosexuality in the Church. But it could turn against that Pope Francisco whom, however, the author intends to defend.

(Ricardo, none of us believes that there is a problem with homosexuality in the clergy, we have been talking about it for years, since when none of the mainstream media had begun to take an interest in it, that is why the "Sodom" operation, that is, The book that, translated into eight languages, will appear simultaneously in twenty countries on February 21, stinks of fraud from afar, is presented as a great scientific work: the author, Frédéric Martel, is a French sociologist who claims to have interviewed for four years to 41 cardinals, 52 bishops, 45 apostolic nuncios, dozens of Swiss guards and many more for a total of 1500 people, among all those consulted in the Vatican and all over the world, the result is a volume of almost 600 pages,whose most surprising fact is that in the Vatican four out of every 5 priests would be homosexual.

In fact , the output of this book smells like a big media operation with a "political" as well as commercial purpose. The exit programmed at the same time in many countries supposes an investment and an important organization hardly justified by the predicted sales of the book. Of course it is not a coincidence that the departure is scheduled for the first day of the Vatican summit on sexual abuse, but this is not the fundamental problem. Frankly, it is hard to imagine that long lines are formed in the bookstores by a brick that contains a lot of noise and few nuts, that launches insinuations and winks instead of documenting, disillusioning very soon to those who believe that they are going to find a solid sociological work or a true research book.

Instead, from the prologue we find the theses that serve as a key to read all the work , to the point that one could stay quietly in that section, because the message you want to convey is already contained there, perhaps in anticipation of that nobody was going to have the strength to get to read until the conclusion. And few pages are enough to understand where they want to go.

In fact, the conclusion is this: if 80% of the consecrated persons in the Vatican are homosexuals, it is clear that the fundamental problem is hypocrisy, so it is a duty to come out and reconcile with reality, that is, accept homosexuality as a natural orientation. It is interesting to note that Martel fully agrees with the same thesis of Father James Martin, the Jesuit who wants to legitimize homosexuality in the Church and even among priests, or what is the same thing: the problem lies in the secrecy in which homosexuals they are forced to live because of homophobia, this also as regards abuses. You just have to make everything go out in the sunlight, accept it as normal and fixed business.

With regard to homophobia, it is worth remembering
that it is a concept invented in the gay world, which has no basis in reality and is aimed at normalizing homosexuality. And then a second theorem of Martel enters, another common place: the homophobes are because they are attracted to homosexuality, they are latent homosexuals. This also explains how to reach 80% of gay cures, and also serves to explain that the real goal is the conservative, traditionalist or "doctrinaire" prelates or whatever they are called. The more they condemn homosexuality, Martel says, the more gay they are, the more often they lead a double life. And here goes to support the frequent speeches of Pope Francesco against priests who lead a double life.

Obviously it is a theorem without any proof, but it serves to attack the presumed "enemies" of Pope Francis reforms. Especially one: the American Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, one of the signers of the famous Dubia, to which Martel devotes a whole chapter in which he is described as the leader of the anti-gay alliance, and precisely because of this he is suspected of having homosexual tendencies, maybe repressed since there is not a single testimony that accuses him of it or of complicity in the abuses. The whole chapter is based on the extremely rigid positions from the point of view of the doctrine, its hostility towards the Pope and his luxurious house, described as if it were a residence of the Casamonica. A portrait that, for those who know Cardinal Burke, is far from reality, but serves to give strength to the theorem, which is repeated several times: "The more homophobic a prelate, the more likely he is to be homosexual." On the contrary, "the more pro-gay a prelate is, the less susceptible it is to be gay." If the premises are these,

But the best has yet to come:by using homosexuality as the key to interpreting everything that happens in the Church of a few decades to this part - the scandals of the IOR, the war to the "theology of liberation", the resignation of Benedict XVI, Vatileaks I and II, the prohibition of condoms in the fight against AIDS, etc. - Martel affirms another surrealist thesis. According to him, "the end of vocations" is related to homosexuality. How? Very simple: until the 60s, because of the homophobic climate that existed, "young Italians who discovered themselves homosexual, or had doubts about their inclinations" were practically forced "to take refuge in the priesthood". But "with the homosexual liberation of the 70s and the gay socialization of the 80s, Catholic vocations were reduced in a natural way". That is to say, For some decades Italian gay teens have other options outside of the priesthood. In short, that "the homosexual revolution" is not the only one but certainly "one of the fundamental causes of the end of vocations."

Honestly, can you give credit to a character like that? The answer is evident. However, we must think that, although everything is built to support the battle of Pope Francesco against conservatives and traditionalists ("homosexuals as homophobes"), this awkward and rude operation could become the typical boomerang.

In fact, the pontiff and his collaborators are doing everything to keep the topic of homosexuality away from the summit on abuses, they do not want to speak despite the fact that 80% of violence in minors is precisely homosexual acts. According to the official line, the problem is clericalism, and from the summit there will be only instructions for the episcopates on how to take cases of abuse wherever they occur. But the uproar that is already provoking this book among the media will make it even more difficult to avoid an issue that is central in the matter of abuse. And it is precisely what the gay lobby wants: to take this opportunity to hold the hand and take another important step towards the full legitimation of homosexuality in the Church and the clergy.

Published by Riccardo Cascioli in the Nuova Bussola Quotidiana ; translated by Teresa Chaves for InfoVaticana.

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