History of Archbishop LeFebvre


"This website www.archbishoplefebvre.com/index.html is dedicated to the Truth which is the Catholic Faith and the memory of Archbishop Lefebvre who stood witness to this Truth and to all who will hold this Catholic Faith come rack, come rope."

Brief overview of SSPX History

•1970 The S.S.P.X. approved by Local Bishop in Switzerland
•1975 The society illegally suppressed because it wished to keep the Catholic Faith of 2000 years unchanged.
•1988 The Archbishop tried to have some Bishops consecrated to continue Tradition, but Rome said only if they no longer teach the Truth. Left with failing health, the Archbishop consecrated 4 Bishops solely for conferring the Sacraments of Priesthood and Confirmation.

•1991 Finally after serving the Church faithfully the Archbishop meets his eternal reward.
•1994 Bishop Fellay elected superior over the priests of the Society.
• 1997 Bishop Fellay continues the work of keeping Tradition and in his, Letter #52 warns not to 'entrust our future' in the 'Roman authorities', and the Society continues to grow.
•1998 Bishop Fellay on the 10th anniversary of the consecrations, warns us that, 'many people are letting themselves be deceived by what remains of the appearance and structure of the Church' Letter #54. This is in reference to Traditional groups who made agreements with the Roman authorities.
•2003 Commenting on the priests in Campos who made a practical agreement with the Roman authorities, Bishop Fellay warns, 'To sum up we are bound to say that the Campos priests, despite their claims to the contrary, are slowly being re-molded, following the lead of their new bishop, in the spirit of the Council.' Letter # 63.

•2010 Bishop Fellay begins to dialogue with the Roman authorities to work out some kind of practical agreement, once Doctrine has been made clear.
•2012 Bishop Fellay offers on behalf of all the members of the SSPX a Doctrinal Statement telling Rome they will change their position and accept the new conciliar Code of Canon law, the new Conciliar Mass, the new Conciliar Sacraments, as legitimate, the new Conciliar 'dangers to the Faith' in the light of tradition.
•2012 Some priests, and one Bishop, who have always been obedient to their superiors when they professed the True Doctrine, speak out, are ejected officially from the SSPX. Having little choice but continue the work of keeping Tradition form a resistance to this new Conciliar, Modernist and Liberalistic belief."

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