Help Our Son!


I received this letter from a close friend of mine regarding his son. This grand Catholic fighter is deserving of all the support he can get.

"As most of you are probably aware, our son Bernie Gaynor, who lives in Brisbane with his wife Elle and their six kids, opened a website in 2013 and has been running it on a full-time basis since then.

You can see Bern’s website at this address: Bernard Gaynor

Bern has been a fearless champion of Catholic values and has written many good postings on subjects such as abortion, homosexuality, the family, the state of the Church, the Australian Defence Force and many other related areas.

For his troubles, the Chief of the Defence Force (GEN Hurley) and the Chief of Army (LTGEN Morrison) have been trying to cancel Bern’s military commission for over a year.

This is a scandalous example of intolerance and bullying, all based on Bern’s Catholicism.

So far Bern has not yet had his commission cancelled – but he has been banned from serving as an Army Reserve officer, which is yet another example of intolerance and bullying from senior officers who loudly proclaim to the world how committed to “tolerance” and “inclusion” the ADF is.

They are liars and have brought enormous shame on the Defence Force in which I have served for 38 years, and of which I have always been a very proud member.

Bern’s website is gradually becoming prominent in Catholic circles and he is gradually developing a reputation as an effective traditional Catholic spokesman and commentator – he is beginning to receive a steady stream of invitations to speak at various conferences around Australia that focus on traditional Catholic values and issues and on Conservative political concerns.

However, Bern has a major problem that might compel him to shut down his efforts and cease acting as a great voice for conservative, traditional Catholicism.

His problem is this: he is not earning enough from the website to feed his family and pay his bills.

What he needs is this: a group of committed Catholics who are prepared to each donate $5 or $10 per month on an ongoing basis, to enable him to keep his blog site going.

On the one hand, this is, unfortunately, yet another request for financial support. We certainly recognise that, knowing how tough things are for many Catholic families.

But on the other hand is this reality: if we do not support Bern, his blog site will cease to be.

If we want Catholic voices to be maintained in a society that is going to Hell in a horrid hurry – it is up to all of us to support those Catholics who are making the effort to have their rare and isolated voices heard in a media environment otherwise dominated by modernism, decay and corruption.

For those who are prepared to support Bern so that he can continue his extraordinary Catholic efforts, please go to his website at the top link on this page and click on the button that reads “Make A Donation”.

Once you push that button, you can set up a regular monthly donation to Bern and Elle of whatever amount you want. $5 per month would be great - $10 per month even better!

If we don’t support Bern – his efforts will cease and a Catholic voice will be lost.

Thanks for your consideration – and your assistance.

(signed) Bernie and Therese Gaynor"

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