Growing Resistance


Growing Resistance

It has now been a year since Bishop Richard Williamson was expelled from Bishop Fellay’s Neo-SSPX, which was shortly after the expulsions of Fr. Pfeiffer and Fr. Chazal. Since that time, the Resistance has grown quite a bit. Numerous internet sites – Non Possumus, TrueTrad, TheRecusant, Operation Survival, Archbishop Lefebvre Forums, InThisSignYouShallConquer, Cor-Mariae, Ecclesia, etc. – opened for the purpose of helping the Resistance grow.

In addition, the number of Resistance priests has grown quite tremendously. Here is a list of known priests in the Resistance:


Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer

Fr. David Hewko

Fr. Ronald Ringrose

Fr. Richard Voigt, SDB

Fr. Brendan Dardis, O.S.B.

Fr. Dominic Mary of the Pillar, OP

Fr. Juan Carlos Ortiz

Fr. John O’Connor

Fr. Gavin Bitzer

South America:

Dom Tomas de Aquino, OSB, Brazil

Fr. Ernesto Cardozo, Brazil

Dom Antonio Maria, OSB, Brazil

Fr. Jahir Britto, FBMV, Brazil

Fr. Joaquim Sant’Ana, FBMV, Brazil


Fr. René Trincado

Fr. Rafael Arizaga, OSB

Fr. Arturo Vargas

Fr. Hugo Ruiz Vellejo


Fr. Patrick Girourd


Bishop Williamson

F. Craig Buffe, Ireland

Fr. Paul Kramer, Ireland

Fr. Jean Michel Faure, France (originally was to be Canonized a Bishop by Archbishop Lefebvre, but declined, and Bishop Galarreta took his place)

Fr. Olivier Rioult, France

Fr.Hermann Weinzierl, Germany

Fr, Bernhard Zaby, Germany

Fr. Frank Sauer, Germany

Fr. Michael Reidl, Germany

Fr. Arnold Trauner, Austria

Fr. Curzio Nitoglia, Italy

Fr. Floriano Abramovich, Italy

Fr. Juan Antonio Iglesias, Spain


Fr. Francois Chazal, Philippines

Fr. Edgardo Suelo, Philippines

Fr. Fr Valan Rajakumar Devasahayan, India

Fr. Pancras Raja, India

Fr. John Nariai, Japan

And here is a list of pro-Resistance religious communities:


Monastery of the Holy Cross – Nova Friburgo, Brazil
Monastery of the Family of Blessed Mary ever Virgin – Candeias, Salvador, Brazil
Sisters of the Institute of Our Lady of the Rosary – Nova Friburgo & Anapolis, Brazil
Convent of the Slaves of Mary, Queen of Peace – Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.
Monastery of St. Joseph – Saltillo, Mexico


Carmel of St. Joseph – Brilon Wald, Germany
Convent of Our Lady’s Mountain (Marienberg) – Black Forest, Germany
Sisters of the Disciples of the Cenacle - Velletri, Italy

The list continues to grow.

Do not be fooled by Bishop Fellay’s recent words that Francis is a modernist and that he’s glad no deal was ever made. While it is good that +Fellay admits this, it does not excuse his prior actions which he has no made no effort to make reparation for.

Let us pray that the Resistance continues to grow. And please pray for Bishop Williamson. He is the only Bishop in the world who speaks out against the Neo-SSPX, the conciliar church, AND warns people about the coming New World Order. He is the only Bishop that does all three, to word it differently. It angers me whenever people criticize him for this and that, mostly for petty and absurd reasons. We cannot begin to imagine how blessed we are to have him.

God Bless. Traditional Catholic Remnant