Governments Now Legislate Moral Code


There is an important difference between teaching children to be tolerant and teaching children to be gay.

The difference seems to escapes the activists who now seem to run many state schools:

The controversial Safe Schools Coalition program, which teaches high school students in years 7 and 8 about sexual diversity and inclusion, ... takes a politically correct approach to sex education. Teachers are told it is “heterosexist’’ to refer to students as “girls and boys”. Prepubescent children are taught the meaning of terms such as “queer’’, “pansexual’’, “sister girl’’ and “trans guy’’.

Nearly 500 of Australia’s schools are using the program and Victoria has ordered all government schools to sign on by 2019.

The program’s teaching guide, All of Us, includes a role-playing lesson plan in which kids as young as 11 are told to imagine they are 16 and going out with “someone they are really into’’.

Half the students pretend they are with someone of the same sex; the others have a partner of the opposite sex. Students have to answer 10 questions including: “When you go out with a group of friends to the movies, would you feel comfortable giving your partner a hug or a kiss?’’

This is too much for even some on the Left. David Penberthy, columnist and husband of Labor Minister Kate Ellis protests:

This sex education program succeeds primarily in ridiculing a cause which fair-minded people would be naturally inclined to support. My own views are to support gay marriage, oppose prejudice, believe in equal opportunity — but I suspect there are plenty of other small-l liberals out there who upon hearing about this school program either laughed or shook their heads in disbelief… [T]he Safe Schools approach ... seeks to turn kids as young as 11 not into civil-minded believers in mutual respect, but torchbearers for the LGBTI cause.
Professor Sinclair Davidson is also astonished:

I am not convinced that sex education should be in schools at all. This sort of program certainly should not be. While it is important to socialise young minds to tolerate diversity this is a role for parents and broader civil society – state sponsored indoctrination through the state schooling system distracts from its primary function.
But the Liberal Party under Malcolm Turnbull is now so unmoored from its traditional values and so dependent on the goodwill of the media Left that its own Education Minister Simon Birmingham thinks this crude preaching and taxpayer-funded activism in the classroom is fine:

The objectives I think are perfectly reasonable objectives; there should be no more a place for homophobia in our schools than there is for racism in our schools, and we should be ensuring that every student is taught key attitudes around tolerance and acceptance of others.
Yet more reason for conservatives and traditional Liberal voters to conclude that the only hope of having a party that represents their views lies in the defeat of the Turnbull Government.



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Pro-family activism that makes a difference!

Progress: LGBT bill to ban therapy for youth on sexual orientation issues is stalled in Mass. Legislature
The result of relentless pro-family lobbying!
Bill was skipped over in Wednesday’s House session after “hold” was put on it. But battle continues.

POSTED: January 29 2016
UPDATE 2/5/16:
Thanks to the outstanding lobbying, calling, and emailing by MassResistance activists bill H97 continues to be stalled in the Massachusetts Legislature. The House met again in a full "formal" session on Wed., Feb. 3. Although the bill was technically listed on the calendar, it was put at the end and its "hold" was not lifted.

What happens in Massachusetts on “culture war” issues is often repeated across America.

After weeks of hard lobbying to stop Bill H97 in the Massachusetts Legislature. we’re happy to report some success. Just before this week’s formal House session, a “hold“ was put on the bill and it was not acted on. But the battle will continue.

The Mass. House session on Wed., Jan. 27.

Part of a national movement in Legislatures across America
Bill H97 is a big part of the LGBT movement’s War on Children. It would make it illegal for licensed therapists to give critical treatment to youth on sexual-orientation or gender-identity issues. It’s particularly devastating for kids who have been sexually molested and need help dealing with the emotional fallout.

Similar bills have been rejected by 20 states and passed in three. But they consider Massachusetts a major goal to get it moving everywhere else. It’s being pushed here by a coalition of state and national pro-LGBT organizations. And of course, it’s being actively opposed by MassResistance.

MassResistance activists lobby in the Mass. House
As we’ve reported, Bill H97 was on track for House passage. It was co-sponsored by 36 legislators – a “who’s who” of the far-left contingent. It glided through three committees. It was put the calendar for the formal House session for a so-called “second reading” on Jan. 21, then postponed to Jan. 27.

MassResistance quickly got moving. Last week teams of MassResistance activists went office to office in the State House. They handed out material and explained it.

We left no doubt about how bad this bill is! It turned out, that was the right approach.
In addition, our activists from across Massachusetts and all over America (as far away as New Mexico and California, and even from Canada) called, emailed, and engaged the Mass. State Reps on the dangers of this bill.

Our people really came through! One man in New Jersey, who had been molested by several homosexuals as a teenager and subsequently struggled for years with homosexual behavior, was particularly upset. He wrote a very moving letter concerning H97 which he emailed to Massachusetts State Reps. He gave us permission to post it. Read his letter here.

Once they were properly educated, a surprising number of Democrats as well as Republicans realized how terrible this bill is and why it is so unpopular around the country.

A “hold” put on the bill – blocking it for now
Word got around the State House.

The day before the Jan. 27 House session we were informed by a Republican legislative director an official “hold” had been put on H97 by the GOP leadership. Sure enough, when it came up during the session the chair announced it had a hold and it was skipped.

The Chairman tells the House session that H97 (item #212 on the calendar that day) is being "held".

But Bill H97 will continue to be on the calendar. The next formal session which will likely be this Wed., Feb. 3. A “hold” on a bill by the minority party is tenuous. There are ways for the other side to overrule the hold. But the fact that a lot of Democrats are also against the bill is significant – and the bipartisan opposition seems to be growing.

We are optimistic. Even if it is voted on and passes the “second reading” in one of the upcoming House sessions, it would go to another House committee before it comes back to the full House for a final vote. A lot can happen – and we hope to make things happen!

More coming to counter Bill 97!
We haven’t stopped informing the Legislature on Bill 97. In fact, we’ve just gotten started!

A number of professional groups, including the American College of Pediatricians have contacted MassResistance and have prepared excellent materials for us to distribute in the State House. Just this week, a psychiatrist representing a group based in Arizona sent us dozens of copies of an important book, A Young Man’s Journey – Healing for young men with unwanted homosexual feelings, to deliver to legislators. (The group has already sent copies directly to the leadership and key committee members.)

For the Mass. State Reps. This book is written by a man who struggled with homosexual attraction but was able to get the counseling he desperately needed. He is now married and has three children. Read more about the book here.

We will be passing these out soon. And we will keep you up to date on what’s happening – and what you can do to help.

Status of other critical bills to watch:
Here’s the status of are two other major bills by the LGBT movement and allied radicals in the State House:

  • Planned Parenthood bill mandating comprehensive sexuality in schools. (S2062). Passed the Senate and is in the House Ways and Means Committee. At this time it does not seem to be moving. We’ve been told that Committee members are not pushing for it.
  • Transgender public-accommodations “bathroom” bill. (H1577). Is still in the Judiciary Committee, but could emerge at any time. According to news reports, they’re waiting to see if the leadership can get a “veto-proof” majority in favor of it. Even the trans activists don’t seem to have a handle on when that could happen.
A final note
A lot of people think that “liberal” legislatures are impenetrable. We say: Not true! Keep trying!


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Had enough? Citizens, take back your government!


Horror stories in the schools
(We have many more to be posted soon.)

VIDEOS of elementary schools normalizing homosexual lifestyle to young children!
Unbelievable. Elementary schools in Cambridge and NY.

Part I - Gay & Lesbian Pride Day in elementary school.

Part II - Role-playing in the second grade.

Here's where it's all headed, folks!

The "Little Black Book" - Hard-core pornographic homosexual "how-to" booklet given to kids at high school!
Written by Boston-based "AIDS Action Committee" with help from Mass. Dept of Public Health, Boston Public Health Commission. Funded also by major corporations, universities, even charities.

"King and King" - story book of homosexual romance read to second graders.

"Fistgate" tapes - reveals what homosexual activists do with children in schools.
Caution: VERY disturbing. At state-sponsored GLSEN workshops. This made national news in 2000 and three Mass. state employees were fired.

Framing the issue - How the homosexual movement got into the Massachusetts schools
Landmark speech by Kevin Jennings, now with the US Dept. of Education!

Schools using "safe zones" to counsel children who feel different - maybe they should "come out" as gay!

Elementary school teaching cross-dressing and transgenderism in 3rd grade.
Mother forced to remove daughter from school because school wouldn't stop.