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Wednesday, August 7, 2019


The Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, of the SSPX, in Syracuse, NY, United States, has been sold to Muslims and converted into a mosque . That church had been erected in 1985 (see here , p. 6). The Fraternity now uses a diocesan temple.

As we can see in this 2014 newsletter of the Syracuse Priory, the church's address is 450 Wilkinson St, Syracuse, NY 13204 . You can still find that data on Google (see here ).

This is the building:








See the Facebook of the Islamic Center of Syracuse.

Note that the stained glass windows that adorn the temple and that represent several episodes of the life of Our Lady, have been covered. The place where the true God was worshiped and preached has been transformed into a mosque where death hate is preached to Jesus Christ and the Church . In 2015, in Syracuse, the diocese sold the Church of the Holy Trinity to the Muslims and they performed a “crossbreaking” ceremony . Of the conciliar church it does not surprise us. But of the FSSPX?

In that place were both the church and the priory of the SSPX. But near there the Fraternity has a school and a small chapel belonging to it. From the sale of the church, the masses were celebrated in the chapel of the school and even in the gymnasium of the same. In May of this year, it was announced in the school newsletter that the Good Shepherd Sunday Mass would be held at Santa Cecilia Church, in Solvay, NY. This church belongs to the Diocese. Another mass was celebrated in that church in June.


In an interview with Fr. Wegner, Superior of the United States District, he said: “ Some bishops are considering directly and officially offering us churches and schools for sale or making these buildings available to us. On Good Shepherd Sunday, Mass was celebrated, with the consent of the diocese, in a large diocesan Church with seminarians and priests of the seminary and the entire priory of Syracuse .

From the USA They also report that the FSSPX chapel in Erie, Pennsylvania, was sold to a Baptist sect.




I have inside knowledge of how this all transpired and the way it has been presented is not accurate. I was the former sacristan. The church itself was originally a Polish National (schismatic) Church - the stained glass windows were from that era. The building itself is old and the chapel was faced with having to invest in restoring the brick facing and replacing the roof. One could see the outdoor light through the framing of the glass windows. When Fr. Voigt was in residence, he spent countless hours on temporary fixes of the ceiling over the choir loft where water poured in during heavy rain. The bottom-most floor was always flooded during rain as the foundational walls are badly deteriorated. The church itself had been up for sale for 2 years with a couple of interested parties but due to the poor condition of the building, it was not easy to get any bank to loan money on it for a mortgage. Finally an investment company made an offer that was acceptable and after 6 months of process, the sale was complete. There was no mention of how the building would be re-purposed by the investor or who would occupy it. When BVM moved out, they took all of the sacred objects, altars, etc with them. They even tried to take the bell but it, along with the windows, were part of the structure and hence part of the contract. BVM's plan was to build a new church on their 46 acre property in nearby Warners, the location of the Academy. In the meantime, Mass is being offered in the school chapel and occasionally on an altar (recovered by Fr. Hewko from the Auriesville Shrine) in the auditorium. To be frank, the neighborhood that the old church was in was also deteriorating. Two parishioners were threatened at knifepoint on their way into Sunday morning Mass in broad daylight. To attend all-night adoration on a First Friday evening in the summer with the windows open, one would hear the sounds that could only come from Dante's Inferno. The church had been burglarized twice, most recently last year.

It came to BVM's attention the the Diocese of Syracuse was consolidating two nearby parishes into one. One of the two churches was St. Cecilia's Church in Solvay, NY - a magnificent old church which had not been reckovated and remained pristine with a high altar and a mobile novus ordo table that could be dragged out of site for a proper Mass. BVM considered buying this church from the Diocese and received permission from the Diocese to have some Masses said there, one on Good Shepard Sunday, one on an Anniversary, and one for a funeral. Subsequently, it was decided that St. Cecilia's would not be a viable option and that purchase plan was abandoned. There are no regularly scheduled SSPX Masses offered there.

So, to be clear and honestly report this, the SSPX chapel did not sell their church to the Muslims (this would certainly have been rejected by the Catholic men of the parish and the clergy alike) and they are not holding Mass in a Novis Ordo temple.
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Thank you for being gracious about the correction. On a personal level, I can't begin to describe how ill these pictures make me feel. Especially after years of feast days and the marriages of my own children in that church. Here is how I would rather remember it.View attachment IMG_0739.JPG