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Free speech is at stake: High Court reserves judgement

On Tuesday and Wednesday the High Court heard arguments in relation to the most important case concerning free speech in Australia.

Every state (except South Australia) was there arguing against the concept and for the right of their new super-tribunals to drag anyone, anywhere in Australia before the 'Thought Police' to explain their views on marriage.

The court itself seemed packed: 7 judges, 7 associates, 19 barristers or QCs and at least another 13 solicitors. The solicitors-general of the Commonwealth and five states were there in Canberra. But you won't hear about this anywhere.

The media was nowhere to be seen even though 'freedom of speech' is the topic of the day and the politicians are 'promising' us it will be preserved some time next year, even though legal processes are underway today to snuff the idea out altogether.

And it is costing us all in other ways as well.

My best guess is that each hearing day cost taxpayers of this nation more than $500,000. And at the end of it we were all told to come back at some indeterminate date for judgement.

To make matters worse, New South Wales passed a law the day before the hearing which means that no matter the outcome, we are set to play this legal game all over again. The new law is a direct attempt to shut down the win we gained earlier this year in the New South Wales Court of Appeal and an attempt to sidestep the upcoming judgement of the High Court if it goes against the states.

And it's new laws are already set to be tested. It appears that Gary Burns walked out of the High Court and promptly fired off a new complaint against me before judgement has even been handed down. I received an email from one of his cronies today notifying me that he had handed his 33rd complaint against me to the New South Anti-Discrimination Board.

These guys have no care for the destruction they are wreaking on our civilisation. In fact, they gloat in it. The email I received carried this subject:

Fresh complaint from Mr Burns :)

I am cautiously optimistic that we will succeed before the High Court. And I will fight against this latest complaint as well. It is about this article I wrote criticising the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia for its support of homosexual marriage.

It is clear that when it comes to free speech, the process is the punishment. That is why it is so important not to give this fight up. Everywhere we are being worn down. Resistance requires perseverance and determination and we must summons those qualities now.

You can read the High Court transcripts of day one here and day two here.

And thank you once again for your support. I cannot explain in words how greatly it has helped my family and me over the past five years.

Kind regards,

Bernard Gaynor
Christus Rex!

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