Welcome Franciscus!

I went online to obtain a translation of your introductory post:

"An old man looking for an authentic Catholic site in pagan Flanders". (Dutch)

May God grant you strength, courage and fortitude in the midst of your partiicular situation Franiscus.
If it is any encouragement we share your longing for authentic Catholicity in the midst of a an increasingly pagan world.

Pray unceasingly dear man and be at peace. God bless you.

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The historical county of Flanders is now split into different countries. It roughly encompassed Zeelandic Flanders in the Netherlands, French Flanders in France, and the Belgian provinces of West Flanders, East Flanders as well as part of Hainaut. The city of Ghent was the capital.

I could not help but notice that the left-hand half of Flanders looks roughly like Australia. Admin.