Fr. Voigt Sermon 2nd August, 2015




This is a new video posted on 20th September. A commentator below says that Fr Voight has gone independent.

Fr. Voigt Low Mass September 20, 2015 Syracuse, N.Y.
Soldier Of Christ The King

Published on Sep 20, 2015

Thank you Fr. Voigt and the Faithful in Syracuse, N.Y. for providing confession and Mass.

More about President Moreno:

Please pray for all the Resistance priests who travel endlessly to bring the sacraments to the faithful around the world and for more XSPX and independent priests to speak out against the new direction toward modernist Rome. Oh Lord, grant us priests!

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469fitter 1 day ago
Father Voigt is no longer associated with the Resistance, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church/Seminary. If your Faithful made donations out to Father Pfeiffer, or Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, please notify me at that I may include them in our documents. Congratulations on your new independent chapel and Pastor.