Fr. Rousseau has left the SSPX



Following in the footsteps of Fr. Epiney Fr. Rousseau has left the SSPX.

The Superior of the District of France
Father of Jorna
To all the priests
Suresnes, May 7, 2019

Dear brother,
While we prepare ourselves at Pentecost to receive the Paraclete in order to abandon ourselves more perfectly to grace, I have been forced to announce the departure of Father Rousseau from the Fraternity.
He has already left Bailly's priory to go with Father Morgan.The letter he wrote to me just before leaving us says that his departure is "a matter of truth": the arrival, he says, of Mons. Huonder to Wangs, "a wolf in the sheepfold," is intolerable to him.
I can only regret your unexpected departure and, evidently, recommend it to your prayers.

of Jorna