Fr. Raphael, OSB: Christmas Newsletter 2017

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  1. Saint Joseph Benedictine Monastery


    Dear friends and benefactors:

    On this Christmas we want to thank God and each one of you for your help, encouragement,
    and support towards this your Saint Josephs Monastery. We ask the Blessed
    Virgin of Guadalupe to pour down upon you her most chosen blessings.

    We want also to give you a Christmas gift; we want to offer to you to our holy
    father St Benedict together with all his blessings. We want to give you him as your father
    and protector: how? We invite you to become part of the benedictine family. We encourage
    you to make a petition of enrollment in order to become a secular oblate of St Benedict.

    Beforehand we want to place 2 things on the actual context of the crisis of the
    Church, both our Order of St Benedict and also our San José´s monastery:

    The day of our baptism the priest asked us:
    “V: ¿What do you ask of the Church of God?

    And we firmly answered through our godparents: "The faith”.
    “V: What does the faith gives you?” “R: Life Everlasting!!”

    Thus started the most important ceremony in our life by which began our supernatural
    life, our union with God, our felicity which will end up in Heaven. Our faith was
    on that day, and always shall be, the key to enter into the intimate Life of God. For that
    reason we need to insist without rest that our combat must be focused on the defense of
    this sacred faith, our combat cannot be focused instead in keeping just unity around
    leaders or groups as the false resistances do while they disregard the faith.

    Some naive faithful deceived when they like to use the expression “organized
    resistance” to name those “resistants” who have as leaders “traditional” bishops who in
    fact are not fighting for the faith anymore. Let us not be deceived, dear friends: anyone
    who has not as flag “the fighting for the faith”; the flag of the faith’s union with Christ,
    DOES NOT deserve to receive the name of resistance but instead the should be name as
    resistants and part of THE DESISTANCE.

    “A hierarchical and organized Resistance” only shall be that one which fights for
    the holy faith together with the celestial army. This kind of Resistance shall exist when a
    whole army of the mystical Body of Christ be in battle array having as general in chief to
    the Blessed Virgin Mary. On these times of weakness and general confusion God is offering
    to our souls a hierarchical and organized Resistance: the most glorious Order of St
    Benedict. This is an army with more than 15 centuries of fight to implant the Kingdom of
    Christ the King in the world and which has the promise from God to keep always this
    fight even still the second coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Order also has the promise
    of granting a decisive and important service to the Holy Catholic Church on her last
    fight against the hosts of the antichrist.

    Our Holy Order of St. Benedict possesses all the necessary weapons to answer the
    the present crisis. We count with the leadership of St. Benedict, terror of demons, together
    with his army of 57,000 saints fighting together with your humble San José´s monastery.
    The Order counts within herself with all the graces, blessings, and promises we
    need to triumph on this battle while fighting on the side of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His
    Most Blessed Mother.

    Our Order is regulated by the most Holy Rule of the glorious patriarch St. Benedict.
    Rule which was canonized by five popes as wholly inspired by the Holy Ghost. The
    benedictine monks Christianized and civilized Europe. They grounded and helped strongly
    the glorious theocentric empires of the middle ages. Divine Providence even promoted
    17 benedictine popes who most powerfully printed the spirit of St Benedict on Christendom.
    Among them let us mention St. Gregory the Great, St Gregory VII, and Gregory

    Since several centuries ago the laws of the Church have been protecting the Order
    of St Benedict. The Church named our order as an exempt order from any episcopal
    jurisdiction. Divine Providence wanted to place the Order directly under the dependence
    of the Pope in ordinary times. This is the way Divine Providence has kept the Ordinaries
    themselves away from interference in any way in the governance of the benedictine monasteries. This exemption has been keep even on these extraordinary times of general
    apostasy. Those acts of Divine Providence answer to those scrupulous, lacking in doctrine
    people, who just because they do not see a bishop governing a monastery, consider the
    very fact as a weakness. That´s absurd! On the contrary, the Church in her wisdom wanted
    to preserve the force of the monastic spirit through this providential measure. They
    forget to easily that wherever a benedictine monastery be, there also shall be Saint Benedict
    together with all his army! Even in normal times of the Church, our abbots and
    benedictine priors had always perfect and direct jurisdiction upon their monasteries and

    By the grace of God, and in accord to the laws of the Church, your San José´s
    monastery enjoys all the rights and privileges of the Benedictine Order. A principle of
    law teaches that if the members of a religious body die or for any other reason cease to
    belong to that religious body, those who are left, even if he be only one, that only member
    would represent the whole religious body together with all his rights, obligations,
    and privileges (CIC 102 -2). Thus, per example, if all cardinals were to die except one,
    that cardinal alone could elect a pope. Thus, our San José´s monastery, in spite of being
    the weaker and smallest of all traditional benedictine monasteries, after the regrettable
    defection of Le Barroux, Silver City, Bellaigue, and Santa Cruz (because their compromises
    either by commission of omission with the enemy on matters pertaining to the faith),
    it seems we remain steadfast ALONE because of the grace of God and in spite of our indignity.
    For that reason, if we exist, it is because we represent the whole Order of St.
    Benedict. And any one who decided to be linked to San José’s monastery would REALLY be linked also to that Resistance highly strong and organized, acknowledged as such for
    more than 15 centuries.

    What we want to propose to all our friends and benefactors is to enter in membership
    into the army of St. Benedict. On the context of the great spiritual needs we
    have on the present crisis of the Church, and in order to strengthen yourself. This is our
    wish for you on this Christmas, to invite each one of you, children, young men and women,
    adults, either married or singled, to become part of the benedictine family. The
    only thing we ask you to do if you are interested, is to write us at the email, asking us to be accepted as a secular oblate.

    Let us fight together the diabolic monster of modernism inside the army of St Benedict.
    This is something really great that Divine Providence has in stock for us in order
    to have a STRONG RESISTANCE on these times of general apostasy.

    I suggest you to pray and meditate upon this offering with supernatural spirit.
    Saint Benedict is offering himself to fight with you and he promises you plenty of blessings,
    fortitude, wisdom, and holiness that you need to fight this battle with the help of
    this army whose general in chief is the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    Please count with our prayers for you and your family.

    With my blessing and wishing you a very blessed Christmas.

    Father Raphael OSB and the monks.