Fr. Ramon Angles - leader? follower? undetermined?


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Who is Fr. Ramon Angles? He is an expert in Canon in Law as indicated below. He was a Superior in Ireland.

What role(s) does he play with the leaders of the n-SSPX and with the leaders of the fake resistance (Bishop Williamson)?

18. The ongoing negotiations by and repeated visits of Bp. Fellay, Fr Angles, Fr Pfluger and Fr Nely with the Roman congregations to determine a canonical status within the Novus Ordo Church.

27. Fr. Ramon Angles and Bp. Fellay both supporting abortion (that is the early delivery of non-viable babies, a sin crying out to heaven for vengeance!) in Ireland, in opposition to our former parish priest Fr Edward McDonald!

The superior in Ireland, Reverend Father Ramon Angles, who is an expert in Canon Law, has just recently been appointed by Bishop Fellay to be the Society’s official judicial counsellor.

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The only thing I know of Fr. Ramon Angles is his ancestry is from wealthy noble Spaniard blood. He is the heir to a perfume fortune. He was the Headmaster of sspx St. Mary's school usa for many years; free floated on many personal ventures and vacations at will. He had a spat with Fr. Franz Schmidberger and Fr. peter Scott over some issues. He was transferred to superior of the Autonomous house in Ireland for a few years. He is the canonical legal adviser of Bishop Fellay and is the cursor to the sspx legal arrangements in Rome; which he travels often to secure the ongoing deal.

Fr. Angles is no longer the superior of Ireland noted in Fr. Morgan's British District October 2010. Fr. Morgan took over both districts per Bishop Fellay as acting superior of both.

Fr. Angles does not have an active public apostolate since Oct. 2010. He does BF's biding and is free to do as he wishes.

Both Fr. Angles and Bishop Williamson are close friends; always have been. To where they collaborate in 2017 I do not know. However, there is real cause for concern and betrayal in the 2012 statements of Bishop Williamson telling the early resistance (Fr. Pfeiffer/Fr. Chazal) not to do anything because BF may give him (BW) a deal.

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Below is an excerpt from Father Pinaud’s conference in Gironde on February 15, 2014 (which can be found on the website, LaSapiniere). Just before this part, Father Pinaud tells how Bishop Tissier wrote him a letter on December 31, 2013, saying in it that he (Father Pinaud) should have taken Father Angles as a lawyer for his court case. Father Pinaud continues:

The advice of choosing Father Angles as a lawyer is evidently late, on December 31, 2013, but it turns out that I contacted Father Ramon Angles at the right time. It was on July 7, 2013 ...

Father Angles was one of the three lawyers proposed by my judges, after they refused Father Pivert without an avowed reason ...

This proposal, because it came from my judges, didn’t inspire confidence in me - you understand me. But on the advice of a colleague, among the first [SSPX priests] and who assured me of the legal competence of Father Angles and especially that he wouldn’t be taken in by anybody and would in no way be impressed by Menzingen , one Sunday afternoon, I decided to call this friendly colleague .

Father Angles was surprised to learn that the Tribunal had designated him as a possible attorney with Father Puga and Father Laroche.

"Who is the fool who put my name on this list,” he let out at me. “I cannot be your lawyer because I am the legal adviser of Bishop Fellay. And must I tell you, if you are in the Resistance, it is not my cup of tea, because an accord really must be made. It is necessary, otherwise we will end up schismatic . Look at Bishop Fellay. He has more power than the Pope. It is no longer supportable. I resigned from my office as a major superior because I don’t want to support it anymore. Unfortunately, the accord cannot be made with Bishop Fellay. He is completely discredited. He cannot say two words without casting doubt all over the world. "

He asked me a few questions to understand my situation. He asked me if I had interviews with the superiors, particularly Bishop Fellay. I told him that I had not had any contact with any superior... He asked me to read him the famous Penal Decree which I had been subject to since March 7th and which intrigued him alot.

After having read the first words : The holy name of God invoked! I heard a huge burst of laughter. "It's a show,” he said to me ,” a great comedy orchestrated to impress you. This penal decree is ridiculous and moreover, it is worthless... you know, this administrative procedure code of 1983 is an easy means given to the Superior General to punish you without having to do it himself. "

Our conversation lasted two hours. I really regretted that Father Angles could not be my lawyer .... Before hanging up, he also advised me to still be very careful - obviously -:"They are capable of anything,”he said to me,“make copies of your documents and put them under lock and key . "

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Fr. Angles said:
"Unfortunately, the accord cannot be made with Bishop Fellay. He is completely discredited. He cannot say two words without casting doubt all over the world."

Even Bishop Fellay's own people know him too well.