Fr Pivert's new book banned by the French District Superior



Here is the fax :

Suresnes (SSPX French district HQ), February 11th 2014

To all the District priests

Ref: “What right for Catholic Tradition?”

Dear Father,

Some of the district priests have received Father Pivert’s book “What right for Catholic Tradition?

Having heard, purely by chance, of its imminent release, I had called its author to forbid him from publishing it. But that ban is gone with the wind…

Needless to say, it is forbidden to sell it, put it on the press stands in our parishes, and recommend its reading to the faithful. It is an illusion to think that this kind of untimely initiatives will help the Society in the difficult times it is experiencing.

Exhorting you to prayer and penance, please believe, Father, in my priestly devotion through the Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart of Mary.

Father Regis de Caqueray