Fr. Pfluger: we sought a Common Understanding of the Faith


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We have been hearing much of Fr. Pfluger, the First Assistant General of the Society of St. Pius X, lately from his up-front interviews; certainly, we receive more honest information from him than coming from the Superior General Bishop Fellay.

Thus it is important to keep the foundation of the n-sspx reconciliation before us, and before them, to keep things honest.

Though we hear narrated from other n-sspx superiors and Bishop Fellay that nothing has changed, yet, there are numerous Documents stating that there is not only a major change but a major shift from Archbishop Lefebvre, as Fr. Hewko pointed out One Does Not Play With The Faith! By Fr. David Hewko, another n-sspx interview of Fr. Pfluger needs to be brought back to attention.

In his interview on October 6, 2012 Fr. Pfluger stated to everyone once again, and to the unbelievers, that the compromised SSPX Doctrinal Declaration: is it Official Policy?was in fact an Official, valid, and motivated piece of "common understanding" with conciliar Rome to declare and define as Doctrines of the Catholic Faith that they as SSPX superiors understood, and promoted to grant acceptance and reconciliation.
Kirchliche Umschau: Just a few months ago, the Vatican seemed to be on the verge of granting canonical recognition to the Society. It seems now that all efforts were in vain. Bishop Müller, the new Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, suggested as much in several recent interviews.

Father Niklaus Pfluger: All efforts were not in vain, but an agreement in the near future is improbable [Ed. because of Pope Francis the way he is]. In both our estimation and that of the Curia, any agreement would be pointless unless we are on the same page about what the Faith really means. This common understanding was to be expressed in a “doctrinal declaration”, which we took ample time in drawing up, and in April 2012, Bishop Fellay, our Superior General, presented a preliminary, informal draft. But, to our great surprise, this text was rejected by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. So we are back to square one.
I will repeat, Fr. Pfluger said that the compromised SSPX Doctrinal Declaration of April 15, 2012 was a common understanding of the Catholic Faith with modernist Rome!

To wit, Fr. Pfluger said that "...we took ample time in drawing it up"! Yet the day before, April 14, 2012, Bishop Fellay, Frs. Pfluger and Nely wrote a responding scandalous letter to the three SSPX bishops, stating amongst other things, that there is no such present interest and agreement with Rome. Such is the secret nature of the Menzingen group of leaders...which continues on today.

[To see more, here is Fr. Pfeiffer's analysis of Fr. Pfluger's hypocritical interview with other bombs within it.