Foundation of a seminary in Kentucky 20th Oct..please pray!



<p align="justify">"...On October 20, 2013 we will begin, by the grace of God, a Seminary under the protection of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, under the Guidance of Our Lady of Good Success, with all hope and confidence in Our Lady of Fatima, to form young men of unflinching Faith, Apostles of Creation, warriors against the Satanic enemy of all Creation and its Good God. These Apostles must have an uncompromising Supernatural Faith as did our ancient forefathers in the Church. Over the last year I have visited more than 120 priests of Tradition. More than 30 of them are priests of "the Resistance" another 60 or so are either fully or partially supporting "the Resistance." More than 20 young men from around 10 different countries have expressed interest in joining this Seminary of "the Resistance." Others have requested brotherhood as well. Many old Warrior priests have told us "you must begin, the situation is too grave, we can no longer recommend our young men to enter the theologically devolving Seminaries of the SSPX."

We don't have a 50million dollar facility, but a Spartan, dilapidated one in need of great repair. We begin anyway in the same place where Fr. Cyprian began Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery back in 1989 in the midst of "the Holy Land of Kentucky," where between 1808 and 1848 the early Missionaries of the United States were formed. Within 20 Miles of our little Seminary and Novitiate are the bones of more than 100 of those early pioneer priests.

God bless all of you, please keep us "unjust stewards" in your prayers,

in Christ,

Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer

Source: The recusant:</p>


Pray also for Bishop Williamson's plea for help to purchase the house in south-east England to serve as a base of operations for anybody wishing to continue Archbishop Lefebvre's work outside of the present SSPX. Especially for priests to have a place where they can relax and spend time with him.

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