Feminisation of Australian Defence Force


Dear ......

First we had the Army reference Xena and comic book characters as reasons to place females in combat roles. Then the Navy encouraged its sailors to paint their fingernails pink.

And now we have the Royal Australian Air Force issue doctrine demanding that pilots consider feminist theory before they drop bombs on the enemy.

This story was on the front page of the Courier Mail and Daily Telegraph today. And there is more to come.

The only reason this and many other stories have hit the newspapers in the last few years is because of your support, which has enabled me to keep my website going, and because of the bravery of Defence members who risk their careers to speak with me.

As I told the Daily Telegraph, we have not yet reached peaked insanity inside the Australian Defence Force. However, I strongly believe that the pressure we have created will eventually result in these politically-correct agendas being tossed aside.

We can only hope that we do not face a serious threat to our nation before that occurs.

I will be speaking with 2GB's Ben Fordham just after 5pm tonight about the RAAF's new official doctrine and you can read all the details for free on my website here (unlike the Daily Telegraph there is no paywall and this website is maintained entirely by your donations).

I am very happy for major news outlets to run with these stories because they can reach far more people than I can. However, for various reasons they simply cannot cover all the details.

That is why I have written an exclusive and painstakingly detailed and researched series of articles looking at the future of the Australian Defence Force. The first four articles have been published and the remainder will go online in the next few days:
The ADF's own statistics show that females are preferred over men when it comes to recruitment, retention, promotions and posting. And, by 2030, it is likely that almost 30% of the Army and over 40% of the RAAF will be women.

No nation in history has ever maintained its security with those military demographics.

Of course, it is good to be writing again and I thank you for your patience. It was very difficult last year but I hope this has passed. However, this will all depend on the courts...

Speaking of which, I will be back in the NSW Supreme Court on 2 May 2019.

This date is hanging around me like a bad smell. My wife and I hope that this hearing will finally end the more than 100 separate investigations that I have faced since 2013 for my views on marriage, family and morality. All up these have probably cost the taxpayer more than $5 million yet not a single finding has been made against me.

I am seeking a writ of prohibition for all of Gary Burns' existing complaints and any new ones that he may bring against me on the basis of the High Court of Australia's ruling last year (which has been ignored by the NSW ant-discrimination industry).

Neither Burns nor the NSW anti-discrimination industry is defending themselves. Instead, the NSW Attorney General has intervened which means he is essentially running the case on their behalf and using taxpayer funds to do so.

I will keep you informed as events unfold.

Thank you to all those who signed my submission to the Catholic Church's 2020 Plenary Council in Australia. I do have some ideas about continuing this work and you will receive separate communications from me in the future. If you want to be part of those please sign the submission here.

I have recently written to most bishops. You will be most comforted to know that one (who will remain unnamed for the time being) recently assured me:

There are many people who will be participating in the Plenary Council who do not hold each and every article that the Catholic Church teaches.

He did not seem to think that this is a problem. Also, the Australian Defence Force Bishop, Max Davis, was not impressed by my version of his failure to take any action at all in regards to Defence involvement in the Mardi Gras. I have asked him to provide me details of any action he did take but he has not responded. I can only wonder why.

Finally, I spoke at two events in Sydney over the weekend. I am also aware that there are others who would like me to speak about my experiences. I simply have been unable to organise myself on this front. However, if you would like to organise a meeting I would be more than happy to speak, depending on logistics. Please feel free to email me with any ideas.

Thank you once again for your support, prayer and generosity and please especially keep up the prayers as I prepare for court.

Kind regards,

Bernard Gaynor
Christus Rex!