Father Zendejas Joins the Catholic Resistance


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Good news...

With all of the liberal movements of Menzingen, Fr. Zendejas has made his decision to fight on the side of the old-SSPX; the legacy of Archbishop Lefebvre.

From Bartholemew @ CI, Oct. 26, 2014:


"Father Zendejas said his first Mass today in Danbury, CT for the resistance parishioners there.
Father says that he will be there for the next year saying Masses up and down the east coast (from Boston to Washington DC). I think this might be the shot in the arm that the resistance needs."


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Fr. Pfieffer had given a recent sermon on Nov. 1 (All Saints Day) regarding the situation with Fr. Zendejas.



Thank you so much Machabees for posting this magnificent sermon by Father Pfeiffer. It is extraordinary how the devil finds new ways to try to break up the work of our valiant resistant priests. First by the cancer of sedevacantism and now by his appearance as a possible 'Angel of Light' that could lead many astray. By this I mean that the neo-SSPX confines itself to teaching the faith which appears to be Fr. Zendejas' limit. So why DID he leave? The answer to this question is important because Father Pfeiffer is endeavouring to lead the congregation to realise it is more than just keeping the Sacraments. It is a matter of courtesy that Father Zendejas opens his mind on the subject. He, and his congregation, needs to know whether Zendejas is fighting for the faith, not just doing the same thing as he did in the neoSSPX. It is not enough to 'just sit on the fence'. If I was a member of the congregation I would want to know the answer to Father Pfeiffer's question. We hope and pray that Father Zendejas will declare his allegiance to the principles laid down by Archbishop Lefebvre. The main body of the sermon, however, is a magnificent inspiring teaching on the faith, pure and simple, and Our Lady in particular. God bless him.

It is urgent that we pray ardently for our faithful priests, so few in number.

Community Prayer Project : November/ December

See : Community Prayer Project
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Here is Fr. Pfeiffer's sermon in Connecticut (usa) on Nov. 2, 2014 explaining to the people more of the situation with Fr. Zendejas.



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Transcript source: www.inthissignyoushallconquer.com/apps/blog/show/42781618-fr-zendejas-day-one-resistance

Fr. Gerardo Zendejas in his own words (Sparta, NJ, Sunday 26th October, 2014):

1. What is the problem with the SSPX? Is it doctrinal? Is it simple to understand?
“I didn’t create the problem. The confusion comes from Europe.”[4:05]

“What happens if you go on a Merry-Go-Round, one round, two, three, four, five, and you get off, how do you feel? Dizzy. And you say ‘Ah! The world is moving!’ Sure. Sure. Who is moving, the world? You!. And that’s what’s happening with Tradition. You are on a Merry-Go-Round and you come out: what to think?!” [12m10]

“If I ask: ‘What do you think is going on in the Church?’ we will have one, two, three … fifteen different versions, because we are looking through a little window.” [16m15]

“What is happening in Tradition – you can see little things. For example, when they say there’s no problem with the new Canon law: you’ve got to be careful” [16m50m]

“They [SSPX] are taking a new direction, that’s obvious… but it’s very subtle.” [31m42]

“[Bp. Fellay’s letter to 3 bishops] – it’s a complicated thing.” [45m]

“You can see that every single district in the world: USA, Mexico, France, every district is different. So when you say, ‘What is the SSPX position?’ – Every district is different.” [46m25]

2. Is there a solution to the crisis? Do we need respond generously or selfishly?
“When you jump the boat, you swim by yourself. You did it. What are you doing? You’re surviving!”[3:40]

“I don’t have a solution to the problem. I just want to help people who want to be helped. And the only thing I can give you is the sacraments.”[4:15]

Q - Are you going to be working with Fr. Pfeiffer?
A – “Kind of. Everyone is independent at this moment. We are talking together. He likes to go all over the world, I don’t.”
Q – Well, he goes were people call him, so…
A – “Yes, but that’s my position. There are different ways to skin a cat. I am one man, I want to be stable. I have only two places to go: Connecticut and New Jersey, that’s it.” [5m20]

“What you need is stability.”[6m35]

“I work in places where people are in need that I know.”[6m30]

“One of the sufferings we all have, all of us, is what is going on [in the SSPX]. And nobody will give you the answer.
Nobody. Why? Because, who has a solution? ” [7m45]

“Families who have little children, they need a school, they have no solution. People who are single can do whatever they want. A young lady who wants to get married, I don’t think she will come here. Why? Because she will look after [her own interests]” [8m55 ]

“So this situation, I cannot resolve it.” [9m45]

“My goal is to help people who need help. And what I can do to help is confession and Mass every Sunday. That’s all.”[11m45]

“The modern world is violent. And when it’s violent, what happens is it’s like you’re in a boat, and the boat is rocking. And what happens if you stand up? You just flip up [i.e. fall over]. God wants us to suffer, that’s why we have to make sure to hold together.” [23m35]

“There’s one right of the faithful: you want to receive sacraments that are sure. You have to look for sacraments that are valid.” [32m50]

“After two years of going around, going around, going around, we need to form groups. We have to make remnants.” [45m45]

“After the letter of Bishop Fellay, everybody fractions. And the Pope is so accelerated that’s why there is confusion. So what do you do?” [46m55]

“The places are too spread all over that it’s difficult to create a relationship. My position is: let’s make a front in the North East. …The priest cannot travel all over because what they [the people] need is instruction.” [48m20]
Q – Are you going to Syracuse?
A – “No, I think I have to be stable.” [50m10]
“You have a saying in English: ‘You have too many irons in the fire,’ and when you have too many irons in the fire what happens is you go lukewarm and you quit. I don’t want you to quit.” [51m50]

“You see, Fr. Pfeiffer can say it, Fr. Hewko can say it, I can say it. But we cannot resolve the problem.” [52m15

“I told Fr. Pfeiffer: ‘You have been all over. Now let’s make a bastion.’ ” [56m45]

3. Is Fr. Zendejas really a Resistance priest?
Q – When you were dismissed Father, what did you superiors say when you left? Did they say ‘Don’t do it!’…?
A – “Don’t worry, that’s my business.” [2m30]

Q - Are you going to be an independent priest?
A – “Everyone is independent at this moment. I am talking with Fr. Pfeiffer. [3:25]

“I want to be an alternative [to what? Why?], that’s my position.”[4:00]

Q – What made you finally decide to leave?
A – “Did you understand what I said? I say that people are left over and when you walk down the street if somebody is fallen there, what do you do? You give them a hand. That’s what I am doing. It’s the only thing I am doing. I am walking the extra mile for those who have no place to go.” [4:30]

4. What exactly is his relationship with Fr. Pfeiffer?
Is Fr. Zendejas being entirely honest about this?
“I have no job, I have no house, I have no money. A priest cannot stay in a layperson’s house. I have nowhere to stay.” [3:00]

“I’m talking to Fr. Pfeiffer, he goes in different ways it’s OK. What I can do is this. And we’ll see in the future what else we can do. Because if nothing is stable, not for you, not for us, that’s no way to do it.”[12m]

Q – I followed Frs. Pfeiffer and Hewko, they led us to where they are now. I’m worried where we’ll end up if every
priest who comes is not on the same page.
A - “We’re on the same page, we have to be, that’s why I left the Society.” [31m20]

“Fr. Pfeiffer has his merit. We have to work together. For the sake of people we have to work together.” [48m]

Q – What does Fr. Pfeiffer say about that?
A – “We have to see how we can work. Because I see it differently to him, we are not antagonists, I see it just
Q – But is he good with that?
A - “That’s why I’m here. That’s why I’m here.”
Q – So the difference is that he travels and you prefer to stay, but doctrinally you’re the same.
A – “Yes.” [50m20]

“I told Fr. Pfeiffer: ‘It would be great if you come over and we work together.’ He hears confession, and I’ll preach.” [102m30]

“If Fr. Pfeiffer wants to come, that’s fine. If people wants me to come I will be willing to come.” [103m45]

“I am willing to come. I told Father Pfeiffer: ‘You decide and people decide.’ ” [106m55]

Sermon Ridgefield Oct 26 2014
“The biggest signal of Charity is when you can lay down your life for somebody else as the priest is doing for you today.

You have no idea how much time, effort in this moment that I have for your sake. It is the Faith that we work together. I have not changed, will not Change. God has no change at all. That is why it is difficult for this weekly and it is another to say from this pulpit to you ‘semper fidelis’ viva Christo Rey’ [22m54]

“You don’t need me and I don’t need you; but all of us we need God. Help me and I will help you to keep the life, the life of the Cross. The one that you were baptized. And I baptized many of you. As long as he is not in order to revolt, because there is an attitude in many Traditional Circles which is not any longer the True Fatih. . .. God wants to purge us, more than this let us collect what is called the spiritual farm. Lets put together thoughts words, and actions. . . .it is a very sublte battle that
we are working today subtle, very subtle, because people are confused. Tradition is not confused. But people who go to tradition are confused. . . . we must continure”

[28m17] “I wll be here every Sunday, the same hour for one year. Every Sunday you will have Mass at the Same time, every Sunday. You will have Mass also Holy Days of Obligation. Next Sunday, we will have after Mass the All Saints Party with the Chrildren. If you want to convey to the Children what will be All Saints, Who will be here to perform that activity-to help the Children and the family to be together. (It) is not a question of number, of quantit``y, in this moment, it is a question of quality. . .

[29m29] So every Sunday you will have Mass here, for one year at least. You will have me here. Surely, you will have Sacraments. If somebody dies and you want a priest to say Mass for you make a letter. … write what you want. You write me and I will be making your burial.

[30m00] “I always walk the extra mile for those who walk the extra mile for me, but not for me, for Him., for Him. You have heard also the saying ‘if you don’t like it you can get out’ I tell you the Contrary. The door is open come in. What is the new thing I am giving to you? Nothing. It is the same Fatih. I want to work with those people whom God give me the grace to be with in my life to share with me and I with them. . . . .

[31m26] “when a priest goes to heaven, never goes alone. When a priest goes to hell, he does not go alone either. Therefore, be brave. Lets keep going in this fight with tears. All of us we have a cross and in that Cross there is Wisdom. Bear it, don’t give up for Christ’s sake.”

In summary, Fr. Zendejas:
• Skilfully avoids explaining why he left the SSPX or the timing of his departure;
• Says nothing about whether one ought to avoid SSPX Masses or not;
• Will not travel to souls, even relatively nearby (Syracuse, New Hampshire, PA);
• Says that he helps those who help him;
• Tells the faithful they need to be selfish in order to survive, and must not “stand up” in the boat;
• Deliberately deceived the faithful about his relations with the parish pastor/founder, Fr. Pfeiffer;
• Deliberately deceived Fr. Pfeiffer about his take-over of the two parishes. (12hrs notice; one year vs. until January)
• Is unclear about the problem with the SSPX; claims that it is subtle and/or difficult to understand;
• Claims that there is no solution to the crisis;
• Seems to think that the sacraments are the most important thing, more important than doctrine;
• Prepared his takeover in advance (e.g. newsletter, “St. John the Baptist” organization);
• Unlike almost all resistance priests, has written no ‘letter to the faithful’ or ‘open declaration’ stating his position;

The Faithful have a right to know the doctrine of their priests!
Why does Fr. Zendejas hide his doctrine?


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It is amazing that this topic relating to the priorities of Doctrine and the Mass is spun out of control over other forums.

We know there is a purification going on in the sspx; there is also of late a purification going on, and is needed, in the Catholic Resistance from the same sluggards and back bitters.

If the supporters who defame Pf. Pfeiffer to say it is ok to support those priests who just want to be "stable" and independent only serve two missions, like Fr. Zendejas wants to do, then it is equally ok for Fr. Pfeiffer to stay at the new Seminary to be "stable" and independent and only serve one other mission.

If that is ok, then the other small amount of priests can be lazy and just do two missions also.

I ask the obvious question. Who will go to do the mission runs in the work of the Church to teach and sanctify these detractor's families and the other thousands of people all over the world if we have this selfish attitude? Who will receive the Doctrine, Mass, and Sacraments, if only those "elite" missions have them? Is that the true mind of the Church?

Sounds like a click and cultish mentality of a few wolves who are trying to cut the branch which they sit on.

Where is the gratitude, simplicity, and patience for God to provide. He can make priests out of stones if He needs to.

The detractors of Fr. Pfeiffer's enormous charity only shows that they lack the self same generosity for the work and efforts of the Missionary and Militant Church; without which, we perish.

Mocking only provokes God's anger.

We all need prayers...and to learn our place as fallible misfits sinners who need God's mercy and grace too.

So God bless those priests who serve God unselfishly; the so few that we have in this crisis.


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"The Church is on Fire..."

Here is another great sermon of Fr. Pfeiffer instilling the confidence for us to continue and stand on something solid.