Fabian Vasquez in Fatal Car Crash


Fabian Vasquez of Radio Cristianidad Dies in Fatal Car Crash

Posted: 25 Feb 2015 09:20 PM PST

Edit: it's with sadness and hope that we report the death of blogger and broadcaster Fabian Vasquez, a great Argentinian who tragically died, as we learned from a good friend of ours from South America. He was the director and main broadcaster at Radio Cristianda, the voice of Catholic tradition. and led a fruitful apostolate on the internet.

He was a very disciplined and cultivated man, fond of fine humor as he loved making people laugh.

He was a faithful and staunch Traditional Catholic man, who was devoted to seeking and revealing the True, One, Holy and Apostolic Church.

He lived peacefully in the town of San Luis in Western Argentina along with his wife and son, Vivian and Ignacio.

He died in a car accident which took place at 06:30 (Argentina time) on the Route 188 near the municipality of Coronel Granada, Buenos Aires Province

May he find Peace and Forgiveness in Our Lord, and let us storm heaven with prayers for his soul.




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It’s coming as a shock to me. Last month only, my cousin told me about how charming personality Fabian is and now I am reading news of his demise. I am not quite sure my cousin know about it too as he is too busy working for a DUI attorney Los Angeles these days. He would be equally grieved too.