Ecumenism on the Rise: neo-sspx


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Here we go again...!

Bishop Fellay will travel and participate in two non-denominational "abortion" marches in the U.S.; they both are on the same weekend (Fri. Jan. 22 Washington DC- Sat. Jan. 24, 2015 San Francisco).

There is something going on that he and his Branding campaign does not want you to see; or at least dwell on if you do see it.

Getting past the [minor] ecumenical movement of the false "abortion" paradigm to be his cover, his real and [major] ecumenical movement is in San Francisco with the conciliar diocesan Bishop.

Following a series of links, in plain view, we discover that the Walk for Life in San Francisco is sponsored by the conciliar Bishop of that dioceses; in which he is also proselytizing:

Did that conciliar Bishop invite the 30 pieces of silver -"Extraordinary Form"- to Bishop Fellay? Sure did. Not on that event schedule; but at another place - the Old St. Brigid's Church in the San Fransisco diocese. announces this also in their postings here and here for Bishop Fellay to say that pre-arranged mass in the "Extraordinary Form"; that is the only other Form the conciliar Bishop will offer him; and Bishop Fellay happily takes the communion and reconciliation it offers (sic).

Here is another perspective on this Ecumenism on the Rise: neo-sspx.|en&



There was a time when those in the frontline begged the SSPX Superiors to make a public Catholic condemnation of killing babies in the womb. They were totally ignored. That was at a time when it was definitely unpopular to do so. Now, it is in season to take a stand where they are admired as brave and courageous not to mention the hidden agenda brought up in previous post.

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This is in the same political show Bishop Fellay had done under the cover of the infamous "black mass" in Oklahoma City that bridged communion and reconciliation with the conciliarist Bishop of that dioceses.

See SSPX hypocrisy: one day act holy, next ecumenical. and here.

Yes, it is was a political show! Again there was another blasphemous situation in the same Oklahoma City - Oklahoma City: Satanist Will Desecrate Statue of the Virgin and NO response from Bishop Fellay and his neo-sspx; not a peep!

Is it because there was not enough publicity to take advantage of? Or, since the conciliar bishop didn't say anything about it, BF has a do nothing attitude. Who is exploiting who? Can heaven be pleased?

But is this a surprise?

No. It is expected when Bishop Fellay let it be know in multiple press releases and leaked documents that he wants a New Press Releases of SSPX and Rome meeting 9/23/14..

The pony show of the neo-sspx continues...