Draft of Declaration



Im tired of all this running around and going nowhere


As I am an American and was never a formal member of the SSPX, I am not eligible to sign, but if I were, I certainly would.


Please refer to the Declaration Draft of Declaration

As you will see, no more signatures will be added. Members will have the choice to sign the Declaration that the Resistance Priests intend to construct when their forum is opened. Thank you everybody for your generosity, patience and kindness.

In conclusion, I received the following summation in my mailbox. It sums up perfectly my own concerns so that this forum will gradually divest itself of its pro-resistance bias and simply apply itself to things Catholic. The laity see one priest against another full stop. Which priest, for example, does one follow? Which priest or group of priests is teaching the Catholic Faith? Which priest or group of priests is single-mindedly holding Rome accountable as did the saintly Archbishop Lefebvre? For example, is it possible that the primary focus is shifting so that group A and group B are fighting each other? I do not know the answer to these questions hence the reason for the shifting away from supporting either group. This forum is for the laity, the pewsitter, who simply knows his/her Catechism; who believes and practises the clear teachings of Mother church contained therein. The primary principle of Cor Mariae is to present the clear unadulterated Catholic Faith for confused Catholics wherever they may be. So that, should they stumble upon us they will see it is possible to keep the Faith until the priests are united again and Rome casts off its current apostates. Kathleen Donelly

Dear Kathleen,

Thanks for your email and the link to your comments concerning the "Draft Declaration"

However, given that the subject "Declaration" is supposedly a spontaneously authored submission by the Lay Faithful on their own behalf, I am confused as to why any authority is required from the "Resistance Clergy"

Whilst I am of course more than to happy to defer to the advice and guidance of the clergy on matters of faith and morals, I am not convinced that they should be dictating the content of our correspondence?

Indeed, whilst we owe the clergy appropriate respect, I do not believe that seeking their detailed approbation for our every utterance is either beneficial or healthy to a proper relationship twixt clergy and laity!

If the laity are stopped from expressing their own points of view and concerns, in their own words, (even if, such words lack sophistication or erudition) then we Traditionalists are doomed to repeat the quiet submission of almost the entire post Vatican II Church in following the Hierarchy (at every level ) down the fairy path of indifference and apostasy!

If the past fifty years have taught us anything, surely it must be that we should (albeit respectfully) question everything. particularly as it pertains to the Faith!

It would be difficult to argue that the all pervading and rampant clericalism of the pre Vatican II Church was not an insignificant factor in paving the way for all the nonsense that has since followed!

I have ranted enough and hope that you will appreciate the points I have been trying to make,

Regards In Christ, [...]