Doctor Allen White


Mr. McFarland is well known for his criticism of priests in the resistance movement. Dr. Allen White responds:

Dear Mr. McFarland,

As you persist in criticizing Fr. Ringrose in a public forum, so must you be answered in the same manner.

In saying that whether Benedict XVI is pope or not he cannot be followed, Fr. Ringrose does not suggest the man has no authority. Benedict XVI has no authority to lead souls into heresy or sin. No pope ever has. Period.

A few examples of where Benedict XVI is leading souls:

In Aosla, July 24, 2009, Benedict XVI praised "the great vision of Teilhard de Chardin". Should Fr. Ringrose "follow" and echo that praise?

In Istanbul on October 30, 2006, Benedict XVI visited the Blue Mosque and prayed with Muslim religious leaders while facing Mecca. Should Fr. Ringrose "follow" the example?

On March 3, 2012, Benedict XVI stated that Vatican II was a "true sign of God". Should Fr. Ringrose "follow" and agree?

On May 1, 2011, Benedict XVI beatified John Paul II, saying that his predecessor had "restored to Christianity its true face as a religion of hope". Should Fr. Ringrose begin research to find those earlier Holy Pontiffs who had destroyed that face and stopped the Catholic Church from being a "religion of hope"? (Perhaps this is one reason why Bishop Fellay said in public that he had "mixed feelings" about the beatification.)

On January 17, 2010, Benedict XVI visited the synagogue in Rome and referred to Our Lord Jesus Christ only once as "reaffirm[ing] Moses's teaching". Should Fr. Ringrose begin referring to Our Lord in a similar manner, especially when addressing those outside the Catholic Church?

Benedict XVI states in his book Jesus of Nazareth that the Church "must not concern itself with the conversion of the Jews". Should Fr. Ringrose begin rewriting St Paul's epistles or simply be glad that he might have a little extra time on his hands?

Benedict XVI on September 17, 2011, appeared in a "paraliturgical even" with a Lutheran "bishopess". Should Fr. Ringrose "follow" his example and seek out a local lady and do likewise?

Benedict XVI on September 23, 2011, praised Martin Luther. Should Fr. Ringrose "follow" and send up his hosannas?

On January 10, 2011, Benedict XVI affirmed that "religious freedom" was his "top public priority"? Should Fr. Ringrose hop on that bandwagon?

On November 20, 2010, Benedict XVI stated that condom use could be justified in some cases. Should Fr. Ringrose begin distributing them with clear instructions that they are to be used only in specified cases of emergency?

Need I mention Assisi III?

Must I go on? (And I certainly could.)

Should Benedict XVI actually begin teaching the Catholic faith and exhorting the Catholic faithful and the world to save their souls through the one source of salvation -- the Catholic Church -- as any Catholic Pope should and must, then he will have authority and be followed. Until that time, no soul seeking to avoid hellfire dare "follow" him.

A miracle could occur. All things are possible through God. We must pray for the poor man's conversion.

I do indeed "believe in the Church as it has always understood itself" and for that very reason I will NOT be "quits with Father", but, rather, continue to worship at Saint Athanasius Church as I have for 28 years, thanking God for such a holy priest who teaches the fullness of the Catholic faith in this nightmarish time of apostasy.

Yours in Christ and His Blessed Mother,

David Allen White

P.S. If the SSPX does begin offering mass in the area, will it be the 1962 mass consented to by their founder Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre or the new hybrid, hegelian service currently being concocted by Bendect XVI and company? Just wondering. Source