Conciliar Canonizations, Part II


Conciliar Canonizations, Part II

(This is a follow-up post to my article "Conciliar Canonizations", which I wrote in July of 2013: Traditional Canonisations - scroll down)

So, it has happened: the man who started the Vatican II revolution (John XXIII) and the man who prayed with false religions, covered up sex abuse cases, and "excommunicated" Archbishop Lefebvre and the SSPX (John Paul II) are now *officially* considered "saints" in the conciliar church. Pope Francis "canonized" them this past Sunday.

The reactions to these so-called "canonizations" has been mixed. Some Trads will embrace the sedevacantist position as a result. Some will remain "recognize and resisters" but will reject the "canonizations". Those who don't wish to embrace sedevacantism but also see no way in which to dismiss the legitimacy of these "canonizations" will simply accept. There will even be those who apostatize from the Faith because of the event.

Obviously the last two options should be untenable for Traditional Catholics. I don't need to explain why the last one is to be avoided (other than to note as a refresher: "There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church"). As for the third option, we should not be willing to accept the declared "sainthood" of these men, whose actions caused so much damage to the Faith and led so many souls astray.

Which of the first two options is correct is something that each individual much decide for themselves. Either way, however, we must absolutely reject these "canonizations". They are fraudulent and illegitimate.

As I have mentioned previously, I find it interesting that the conciliar church raises to its altar men who were responsible for an unprecedented apostasy from the Faith (and it will be "beatifying" Paul VI this fall!), but someone such as Archbishop Lefebvre is considered "excommunicated" for merely wishing to keep the Faith and Mass of all-time.

But Bishop Fellay desires to obtain a "canonical regularization" from this conciliar church! He wishes to align himself with a church which recognizes modernists as Saints, while the founder of the Society that he is Superior General of is "excommunicated". Let that sink in for a while.

No, we must avoid the conciliar church at all costs, and this is one of many reasons why. I reject these "canonizations" and shall continue to do as the Archbishop did: I shall remain faithful to eternal Rome, not this modernist Rome.


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