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Can someone put a square peg in a round hole?

Bishop Williamson tries to offer such as one harmony.

Eleison Comment 2015

"Therefore the NOM and the Novus Ordo Church as a whole are dangerous for the Faith, and Catholics are right who have clung to Tradition to avoid the danger. But as they have had to put a distance between themselves and the mainstream Church, so they have exposed themselves to the opposite danger of an isolation leading to a sectarian and even pharisaical spirit, disconnected from reality.(Bp. Williamson, Eleison Comments #438, December 5, 2015)​

Eleison Comment 2016

"There is still something Catholic in the conciliar church, so it’s wrong for us to reject it completely.” (Bp. Williamson, Eleison Comments #447, Feb. 6, 2016)​

Today, Eleison Comment 2017

"For tens of years since Vatican II, according as Catholics have realized what was happening to the Church and become “Traditionalists,” so they have put a distance between themselves and the Church’s official authorities. Without necessarily lacking in courtesy or respect, they have moved away in order to protect their Catholic Faith and morals." (Bp. Williamson, Eleison Comments #521, July 8, 2017)

So, which one is it? Are we "traditionalists" "sectarian and pharisaical disconnected from reality" or with "courtesy and respect" for distancing ourselves from the "mainstream church"?

The take away is, opposites are true in the false resistance, and evolves every-week.

Dandy, Bishop Williamson fits quite snugly with Bishop Fellay as two peas in a pod.
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Good point, Machabees. The Bishop is inconsistent, which causes confusion. He uses subversive tactics like Bishop Fellay.