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OPERATION SUICIDE: TOWARDS the "full reconciliation" between the SSPX and the Conciliar Church



30/06/1988 EPISCOPAL CONSECRATION . Msgr. Lefebvre, assisted by Mgr. De Castro Mayer, enshrined in Ecône to the 4 bishops of the SSPX. "This event today is the operation" survival ". And if I had done that another operation with Rome following the agreements we had signed and then implementing these agreements, the operation would be "suicide." (Complete sermon here )

01/07/1988 decree of excommunication against Mons. Lefebvre, Mgr. de Castro Mayer and the four consecrated bishops.

02/07/1988 Motu Proprio "Ecclesia Dei" , J ohn Paul II, by which condemns the episcopal consecrations of the SSPX and authorizes the diocesan bishops to allow turn to the faithful who request the celebration of the Latin Mass, giving a "pardon" for this purpose.

18/07/1988 FORMATION "Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter" A group of 14 French, German and Austrian priests of the SSPX, led by Swiss Fr Bisig (former rector of the German seminar), and about 20 seminarians.; out of the fraternity, and with the benefit of Ecclesia Dei, they form the FSSP.

25/07/1988 DEFECCCIÓN of Le Barroux . Cardinal Ratzinger, in his reply to Dom Gerard, agrees canonical status to the Monastery Santa Magdalena de Barroux. The Monastery of the Holy Cross (Brazil) is separated from the mother house and remains faithful to Archbishop Lefebvre.


20-21 / 05/1989 GRAVE CRISIS IN BUENOS AIRES SEMINAR SSPX. Led by P. Morello, a massive outflow of seminarians from the Seminary of La Reja in Argentina occurs. Msgr. Lefebvre maintains its strength not only against the Romans modernists, but also against the onslaught of the sedevacantists and extremists who tried to destroy his work.


1990 "Every priest who wants to remain Catholic has the strict duty to separate from the church to reconcile." (Msgr. Lefebvre, " Spiritual Journey following St. Thomas Aquinas in his Summa Theologica ").


25/03/1991 DEATH OF MONS. LEFEBVRE in Martigny, Switzerland.

02/04/1991 FUNERAL OF BISHOP. Lefebvre. In his sermon , Father Schmidberger, Superior General, said: While the spirit of destruction blow in the bishoprics and Roman dicasteries, there will be no harmonization or possible agreement. We want to work in the construction of the Church and not its demolition.

25/04/1991 DEATH OF MONS. DE CASTRO MAYER. Father Licinio Rangel happens in front of the Union St. John Vianney.


11/07/1994 Fellay ELECTED SUPERIOR GENERAL OF THE SSPX, replacing P. Franz Schmidberger.


1998 ESTABLISHING THE GREC (Group of Reflection among Catholics). That year a first working group is established. Then conferences-debates on the points currently organized in the Church. Participants: besides Mrs. Perol, Father de la Brosse OP, Fr. Lorans (SSPX) and P. Lelong, the principal animators of GREC were, from the early years of its existence: P. Barthe, Father Vincent Ribeton, superior of the District of France of the Fraternity of St. Peter, P. Herve Hygonnet (FSSP), lay and Paul Airiau, Jacques-Régis du Cray, Luc Perrin, Philippe Pichot-Bravard, Jean Maurice Verdier and Marie- Alix Doutrebente. The existence of GREC it is kept secret until the crisis of 2012.


8-10 / 08/2000 PILGRIMAGE TO ROME AND RESUMPTION Contacts between the SSPX and the Vatican. 6,000 SSPX pilgrims going to Rome on the occasion of the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000. On that occasion, Card. Castrillón has a first contact with the SSPX.

11/2000 THE CARD.

29/12/2000 MONS. FELLAY IS WITH CARD. CASTRILLÓN, who offers the superior of the SSPX various elements that could be used for a possible agreement between Rome and the Society.

30/12/2000 BRIEF ENCOUNTER BETWEEN THE POPE AND MONS. FELLAY in the private chapel of Pope John Paul II. "No words of importance has been exchanged , " says the SSPX.
NEW MEETING BETWEEN THE HOLES AND MONS Cardinal Castrillon. FELLAY. This exposes two prerequisites of the SSPX: release of the Mass of St. Pius V and lifting of the "excommunications" 1988.

22/01/2001 STATEMENT OF MONS. DISCUSSIONS ON FELLAY between Rome and the SSPX.

"ADHERE TO 95% OF VATICAN II" The newspaper La Liberté published. An interview Bishop Fellay, where it says: " It seems we throw away all the Vatican. However we adhere to 95%. "

05/2001 Letter to Friends and Benefactors No. 60 of Bishop Fellay. "When we say challenge the Council, we do not understand why totally reject the letter of all the conciliar documents, which mostly contain simple repetition of what has already been said in the past: we fight a new language, introduced on behalf of the Council pastorality ".


18/01/2002 CAMPOS defection . The Congregation for Bishops erected the Apostolic Administration of St. John Vianney in Campos to house the priests of the Union of St. John Vianney. The same day, in Campos, Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos heads the erection of it, being designated Mons. Rangel as Bishop and Superior of the congregation. Rome reports that the agreement was due to the Priestly Union recognized the legitimacy of Vatican II and soon held the Novus Ordo Missae Far from condemning this fact, says the SSPX in a statement: "For the first time, is granted to Tradition diocesan structure type. A traditional bishop is now recognized as such, as fully Catholic (...) We must also consider that has not been made any substantial concession to doctrinal level (...) What will from now on its relations with Rome and with us? This time will tell. The new situation will serve as a test for the future. "

04/05/2002 LETTER OF CARD. CASTRILLÓN A MONS. FELLAY. Cardinal says.. "On December 29 ... I had a meeting with interlocutory nature Bishop Bernard Fellay .... The meeting was characterized by warm cordiality and spirit of faith ... 1. Position of His Excellency Bishop Fellay (...) 1.3 He accepts the Second Vatican Council while recalling the difficulties on some points. ... After these events, highlighting their goodwill and based on the fact that the Brotherhood does not broadcast any heretical doctrine, and does not maintain attitudes schismatic, I dared to propose, without consulting anyone, establishing a possible date for reintegration. I presented as a possible date the Solemnity of Easter 2001, and His Excellency, though surprised, did not exclude this possibility, stating that probably within the SSPX arise some problems. "


06/06/2004 LETTER OF MONS. FELLAY TO CARD. . CASTRILLÓN says Bishop Fellay.: "We do not see how we could arrive at a recognition without passing through a number of stages ... Among the steps, the first seems to be the withdrawal of the decree of excommunication ... Such a measure would be recognized as a real opening by Rome and create a new climate, necessary to go further ... we did not ask or want the special status in the sense that it would be the mark of a particularism, but we want a "normal" place in the Church ... it is in this perspective that we claim a right I never have been lost: the Mass for everyone .... We need a protector and defender of our interests in the Curia. "

18/06/2004 REQUEST FOR WITHDRAWAL OF excommunications . Msgr. Fellay announced that Rome had asked officially the withdrawal of the Decree of Declaration of the excommunications.

17/10/2004 MONS. WILLIAMSON ALERT , before anybody else, about the possible fall of the SSPX (Homily at Saint Nicholas de Chardonnet): "Then do not say" the Fraternity is infallible, the Brotherhood is strong, the Brotherhood is a normal ship of the Church ". This is not like this. It is a lifeboat. And then we have this confidence also that if the dear Fraternity also came to sink-which is not impossible, since we are all human beings poor if she were to sink, do not be afraid ... And if dear Fraternity, for their miseries human were to capsize as the conciliar Church, God at least save the little flock not want to abandon God ".


29/08/2005 BENEDICT XVI RECEIVES MONS. FELLAY at Castelgandolfo. The statement of the SSPX after the meeting stated that "We have reached a consensus on the fact proceed in stages in solving problems." The Vatican press agency says: "The interview took place in a climate of love for the Church and the desire to reach full communion. Well aware of the difficulties, they have expressed the desire to proceed in stages and within a reasonable time ".


13/02/2006 BENEDICT XVI MEETS THE HEADS OF DICASTERY to discuss the issue Lefebvre.

23/03/2006 BENEDICT XVI MEETS IN ROME WITH THE CARDINALS IN CONSISTORY to study the question raised "by Archbishop Lefebvre and the liturgical reform desired by the Second Vatican Council".

25/03/2006 INTERVIEW TO MONS. FELLAY (in DICI), which states: There is talk of apostolic administration, personal prelature, ordinariate ... of this seems premature. Want a canonical agreement immediately and at any price, we might very likely to resurface immediately see all the doctrinal problems that oppose us to Rome, and this agreement would be obsolete immediately. This regularization of our canonical status must come last, as if to seal an agreement already made at least essentially at the level of principles, thanks to the facts observed by Rome.

07/2006 GENERAL CHAPTER OF THE SSPX, which states: "the contacts that keeps the Fraternity sporadically with the Roman authorities have sole purpose of helping to make again his Tradition, which the Church can not renounce without losing their identity and not to gain an advantage for himself or to reach a purely practical impossible "agreement". The day the Tradition recover all their rights , "the problem of reconciliation would no longer have reason to exist and a new youth flourish in the Church". Re - elected to Msgr. Fellay as Superior General.

09/08/2006 the Ecclesia Dei Commission ERIGE THE "INSTITUTE OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD" directed by Father Philippe Laguérie, a former member of the SSPX.


07/07/2007 Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum . Benedict XVI releases the Mass of St. Pius V (which however becomes "extraordinary form of the Roman rite", leaving the Novus Ordo as "ordinary form"). Benedict XVI accompanies the motu proprio with a letter to bishops .


04/2008 Letter to Friends and Benefactors No. 72 : "No despair, without impatience, we find that the time has not reached an agreement. This does not prevent us continue waiting, continue the path set since 2000. We ask the Holy Father the annulment of the decree of excommunication of 1988, convinced as we are that will do a great good for the Church; We encourage them to pray to occur. However, it would be very imprudent and hasty embark headlong into the realization of a practical agreement that is not founded on the fundamental principles of the Church, especially on faith. "

4/06/2008 At the request of Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos, MONS. FELLAY GOES TO ROME. Cardinal gave him a memorandum in the form of an ultimatum , demanding an answer by the end of June.

09/07/2008 GREC MEMBERS, INCLUDING THE P. lorans SSPX, ASK THE LIFTING OF excommunications. The letter recalls the "necessary reconciliation", ie, a practical agreement without doctrinal agreement.

1/11/2008 SSPX starts a 'ROSARY CRUSADE "to" obtain the deletion of the Decree of Excommunication "this crusade will last from 1 November until Christmas.


21/01/2009 lifting of the excommunications. The Cardinal Re signed the decree lifting the excommunications (not "retreat" or "cancellation" of the decree) to be published on 24. That night, the Swedish broadcaster SVT publishes a interview Msgr. Williamson made two months ago, where the bishop questioned the official version of the "Holocaust". Further states the decree: "Wishing that this step be followed without delay of full communion with the Church of the entire Fraternity of Saint Pius X, in testimony of a true fidelity and true recognition of the Magisterium and the authority of the Pope through proof of visible unity. "

24/01/2009 PRESS Menzingen : "In this new environment, we firmly hope to arrive soon to a recognition of the rights of Catholic Tradition".

27/01/2009 Fellay CONDEMNS A MONS. WILLIAMSON for their statements that angered the Synagogue and the Vatican hierarchy.

28/01/2009 STATEMENTS OF BENEDICT XVI . At the end of the general audience, the Pope explains his "gesture of unity" reiterates his "full and indisputable solidarity" with Jews and strongly condemns the denial of the "Holocaust". Statement by the Permanent Council of the Episcopal Conference of France: "In any case, Vatican II be negotiable." In that same month of January, the official Vatican spokesman Father Lombardi said that "whoever denies the Shoah knows nothing of the mystery of God or the Cross of Christ."

29/01/2009 INTERVIEW TO CARD. CASTRILLÓN, published in Corriere Della Sera: "One thing is certain: The full communion will in our discussions, Bishop Fellay has recognized the Second Vatican Council has recognized theologically.. Subtracting only difficulty ".


OF THE WORLD to explain his "gesture of mercy" with the SSPX.

15/09/2009 MONS. WILLIAMSON WARNS, in one of his comments Eleison , before meetings with Roman theologians begin: "If on one hand the" Traditionalists "seek to please the world using ambiguity, classical point of departure of the abandonment of Truth, can please men but certainly not pleasing to God, who "detests all willful tongue" (Prov. VIII, 13) ".

05/09/2009 NEW WARNING MONS. WILLIAMSON a comment Eleison : "The temptation for the SSPX, especially if Rome presents both the rod of renewed condemnation, like carrots recognition ... will be to" plan "on this doctrinal gap and settle for a" practical arrangement "by the . which in the SSPX, it being very benevolent with Benedict XVI, it would be granted a legal status within the official Church in exchange for at least an implicit understanding to stop the attack on his Conciliarism "on November 19 INTERVIEW OF MONS. FELLAY A "THE REMNANT": " It is very clear that a possible solution without doctrinal foundation would be disastrous. We do not want that ... We have to look at all these previous examples: The Fraternity of Saint Peter, Christ the King Institute and all others are completely blocked in the doctrinal level because they accepted a practical agreement first. "


4/04/2011 LETTER OF PHILIPPE D'ASSAC PLONCARD all priors of France alerting them of the danger of gnostic-Masonic infiltration within the fraternity. The author is the son of well - known Jacques Ploncard d'Assac author of The Busy Church, which was very close to Archbishop Lefebvre: "The growing importance of Mr. Krah currently in the business of the Fraternity, to the point that has the Fellay joint firm is unprecedented, with the consequences that this implies on the independence of the Fraternity ".

05/2011 END OF DISCUSSIONS BETWEEN Doctrinal Commission experts Ecclesia Dei AND REPRESENTATIVES OF THE SSPX. To date, the proceedings remain secret.

14/09/2011 MONS. FELLAY TWO ASSISTANTS AND WERE CALLED TO ROME BY CARDINAL LEVADA, WHICH REFERS A Doctrinal PROTOCOL ON THE SSPX MUST DECIDE. ALSO MONS. FELLAY RECEIVED A DRAFT canonical structure for the SSPX. It was then "some elements of information" foreshadowing an apostolic constitution that would erect in "international personal prelature" to the SSPX.

23/09/2011 LETTER OF MONS. FELLAY A MONS. WILLIAMSON: "Regarding the meeting of Albano, I can not invite you to participate rather than to the extent that you stop publishing Eleison Comments."

7/10/2011 MEETING OF ALBANO . The leaders of the SSPX are in Albano, near Rome, to discuss the response to the doctrinal preamble.



27/01/2012 During the plenary session, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith ANALYZE THE RESPONSE SSPX. Rome considers this response is insufficient and demand clarifications to the fraternity.

03/2012 CHANGE OF THE POSITION OF ROMA TO SSPX. In the Cor Unum No. 101 , March 2012, Msgr. Fellay declares that from now on should be "a new position in relation to the official Church."

LEVADA And MONS. FELLAY: the Holy See considers that the position of the SSPX "is not sufficient to overcome the doctrinal problems that are at the basis of the fracture between the Holy See and the Fraternity" and gives one month to Bishop Fellay to "please clarify its position", "in order to avoid an ecclesial rupture of painful and incalculable consequences."

15/04/2012 MONS. FELLAY writes a Doctrinal Statement AMBIGUOUS, concessive AND DIPLOMATIC IS PRESENTED TO TWO DAYS LATER TO Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The declaration will remain secret for much of the members of the SSPX and transcend just a year later.
05/09/2012 PUBLICATION exchange of letters BETWEEN THE GENERAL COUNCIL AND SSPX BISHOPS OF OTHERS, AND EXPLODE IN SERIOUS CRISIS FRATERNITY. On April 7, the other three bishops of the SSPX, driven by Msgr . Williamson, sent a letter to Bishop Fellay and his assistants criticizing their proposals to Rome Warns against the agreement.. "doctrinal discussions have proved impossible to reach an agreement with Rome today ... after Vatican II, the official authorities of the Church is separated from the Catholic truth and today is determined as before to remain faithful to the doctrine and the conciliar practice ... symptoms of this decline in the confession of faith are not seen already in the Fraternity? " .. on April 14 , Bishop Fellay sent a harsh response to the three bishops: "in the Fraternity we are making mistakes super-heresies Council, becomes absolute evil, worst of all ... for the common good of the fraternity, prefer by far the current solution status quo intermediate, but obviously Rome no longer tolerate. "the publication on the internet of these letters puts an abrupt end to the strict secrecy that Menzingen held negotiations with Rome, and that detonates the crisis within SSPX. At all levels of the fraternity begin the reactions for and against the agreement. As part of this serious crisis, from then until the present (April 2016), about 30 priests have left voluntarily or were expelled from the SSPX, and currently about 60 priests make up the movement known as Resistance, which is the authentic continuation of the work of Msgr. Lefebvre, betrayed by acuerdistas.

FELLAY BY CNS : Mons. Fellay is getting softer with the Vatican and with big smiles declares: "We saw many things which we have condemned as if they were the council, they are actually not the Council, but from a common understanding of it ... The Council must be within the great tradition of the Church, it must be understood within it, and in relation to it. These are statements with which we are fully agree, totally, absolutely. " He also does not rule out that there may be a split in the SSPX.

16/05/2012 PRESS THE CDF on the response of Bishop Fellay. The CDF "examined in particular the response text of Bishop Fellay received on April 17, 2012, and has made some observations that will be taken into account. further discussions between the Holy See and the SSPX. Considering the positions taken by the other three bishops of the SSPX, their situation should be treated separately and personally. "

26/05/2012 MONS. A BISHOP WILLIAMSON criticism openly. FELLAY a Comment Eleison , "Proclaiming that the notion of Vatican II on religious freedom is" very limited, "Bishop Fellay undermined the Catholic doctrine and the SSPX".


Cardinal Levada transmits Msgr. Fellay's response Benedict XVI asking for "further clarification".

17/06/2012 TO ATTEMPT FAILS. Realizing that his lousy text, to be touched by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, became even worse; Msgr. Fellay said not to sign it . But he was quick to let you know the Pope a letter , his great disappointment: "Unfortunately, in the current context of the fraternity, the new declaration shall not pass."

29/06/2012 Menzingen PRESSURES TO RELIGIOUS COMMUNITIES LINKED TO THE SSPX. The ordinations scheduled Capuchins Traditional Morgon, France, were canceled by Msgr. Fellay, due to their opposition to the possible deal with modernist Rome. The same applies to the Dominicans of Avrillé.

29/06/2012 SERMON ACUERDISTA OF MONS. FELLAY: "We can not get used to consider the state in which we find ourselves is normal, even if it allows us to do what we want. That's not true; simply it is not true. Typically , we seek, once obtained the necessary conditions, regain the title is ours, the title to which we are entitled, the title of Catholic ".

11-14 / 07/2012 GENERAL CHAPTER OF THE SSPX . They r positively eemplaza the principle of the primacy of the doctrine established in 2006, by the principle of the primacy of practical agreement (see details here ). Six 'necessary conditions for an eventual canonical normalization "are decided, insufficient and that in any way protect the Fraternity of the modernists. And not the conversion of the liberals and modernists Romans asked. Chapter also banned illegitimately the presence of Mons. Williamson, which could jeopardize the acuerdista position (the vote was 29 in favor for 9 against supporting the decision of Msgr. Fellay to exclude Mons. Williamson).

4/08/2012 MONS. WILLIAMSON AGREEMENT CONTINUES SPEAKING AGAINST in their "Eleison Comments" : "As the Declaration of 2012 [general chapter], just compare it briefly with the 1974 Declaration of Archbishop Lefebvre to wonder what happened to his fraternity. While explicitly Archbishop and repeatedly denounced the reforms produced by Vatican II (eg, "born of Liberalism and Modernism, poisoned entirely, coming from heresy and ends in heresy"), words that were worth Archbishop anger Conciliar Popes, contrary to the Declaration of 2012 refers only once to the Council with its "new" only "tainted with errors," in terms that could easily imagine Benedict XVI suscribiéndolos from beginning to end. Does the Society now thinks that the Conciliar Popes do not pose major problems? "

4/10/2012 EXPULSION OF MONS. WILLIAMSON. Unjust expulsions of priests contrary Fellay was then happen to the treachery of the liberals led by Msgr.. Said Bishop Williamson in his. Comment Eleison of October 27: "Thus the exclusion of the SSPX of one of its four bishops consecrated for service by Archbishop Lefebvre in 1988, is now official. It is a crucial decision by the leaders of the SSPX, not for any personal reason, but by the removal of what many people consider to be the biggest obstacle within the SSPX for any reconciliation between the Catholic Tradition and the Rome Reconcile. Now that he is not the SSPX can quite easily continue their slide towards liberalism comfortable. "

17/10/2012 STATEMENTS ACUERDISTAS OF P. Pfluger, first assistant Bishop Fellay. "As for us, we also suffer from a defect, due to our canonical irregularity. Not only is the state of the post-conciliar Church is imperfect, ours too "And later:". The obligation to work actively to overcome the crisis can not be contradicted. And this work begins with us, trying to overcome our abnormal canonical status ".


01/2013 LETTER OF MONS. DI NOIA authorities, the SSPX do get all his priests that letter the Secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, full of clever fallacies and counterclaims. "In these circumstances, while hope remains strong, it is clear that something new must be injected into our conversations if you do not want to appear before the Church, before the general public and to ourselves as engaged in a polite exchange without end and without fruit ... so what is asked the Fraternity in this situation? ... surely the time has come to abandon the harsh and counterproductive rhetoric that has emerged in recent years ... The only imaginable for Priestly Fraternity future is on the path to full communion with the Holy See, with the acceptance of an unconditional profession of faith in its fullness, and therefore with a well - ordered church life, sacramental and pastoral " .

11/03/2013 In LETTER OF MONS. TISSIER A DOM Thomas Aquinas OSB, Bishop says: "The policy of the SSPX to Rome, to the General Chapter of 2006 understood it was expected conversion of Rome before seeking a canonical structure. But this policy has been changed by Bishop Fellay in 2011-2012 after total opposition revealed by our discussions with Rome . "Yet this bishop makes no opposition to this change in position of Superior General.

04/07/2013 ACUERDISTAS STATEMENTS OF MONS. Galarreta IN AN INTERVIEW GIVEN IN POLAND: "Of course it would be best that Rome gave up the conciliar errors, return to tradition and only then, on this basis, the Fraternity automatically obtain a canonical status in the Church regularized. However, reality urges us not to depend on an eventual agreement of a self - criticism of Rome, but of an allocation of collateral Rome, such as it is, allow the Brotherhood remain as is. "

03/09/2013 STATEMENTS ACUERDISTAS SSPX SITE IN THE USA: "The SSPX does not reject Vatican II as a whole: on the contrary, Fellay said that the Brotherhood accepts 95% of its teaching." "(The SSPX) states that some of the assertions of Vatican II contradict the Magisterial teaching that has more authority, and therefore that acceptance of the doctrines of the Catholic Church requires accepting these teachings more authority and reject the small proportion of errors in Vatican II ".

01/12/2013 TOP SOUTH DISTRICT, P. BOUCHACOURT, DENIES deicide JEWISH in an interview the most widely read newspaper Argentina. There will never be an explanation, denial or correction on your part.


01/2014 THE SSPX LAUNCHES A NEW "ROSARY CRUSADE ". First announced for these purposes: "1) To implore special protection the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the works of Tradition; 2) the return of Tradition in the Church; 3) For the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the consecration of Russia. " A week later, the wording of the 2nd intention changed. It was no longer "the return of tradition in the Church" but "the return to tradition in the Church". Then the South District made a change, following the criticism regarding the second intention: "1) To implore special protection of the Immaculate Heart of Mary on the works of Tradition, 2) the return of Rome to Tradition Catholic, 3) for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Consecration of Russia ". The official website of France makes the call to "Faithful, religious communities, families, schools, groups or associations of all the" sensitivities ". While the official site of Poland gave his own version of the second intention of the" crusade " "on the recognition of the rights of Tradition in the Church".

. "According to the example of this great prelate (Mons. Lefebvre), fearless defender of the Church and of the Apostolic See, we refuse and have always refused to follow the neo-modernist and neo-Protestant Rome that was clearly evident in the Second Vatican council, and after the council, in all orientations reforms and outputs it. Since 2000 and especially since 2012, the authorities of the Society of St. Pius X walking in the opposite direction, when approaching the modernist Rome. "

23.09.2014 MEETING BETWEEN MONS. FELLAY AND THE CARD. . MÜLLER, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith The Statement of Sala Stampa says: "During the meeting were discussed some problems of doctrinal and canonical and agreed to proceed gradually and within a reasonable time to overcome . difficulties and achieve the desired full reconciliation "Meanwhile the Vatican spokesman Father Lombardi, said of the meeting:" the movement is always in the direction of the desired recognition. "

11/2014 INTERNAL CONFIDENTIAL NOTE OF THE GENERAL HOUSE: "In early December 2014, the first of the meetings that must take place between members of the fraternity and the bishops will take place. . These interviews proposed by the Commission Ecclesia Dei after meeting Bishop Fellay and Cardinal Müller on Tuesday 23/09/2014 in Rome, are informal meetings; they must develop without media coverage or publicity. ".



03/19/2015 EPISCOPAL RITE OF MONS. FAURE . The same day the SSPX, before the Vatican issues a statement condemning it .

04/12/2015 RECOGNITION OF SSPX BY THE ARGENTINE STATE. The newspaper Clarin reported that the SSPX has been officially recognized by the State in Argentina as part of the Catholic Church. The Official Gazette 25/2015 resolution is dated 17 March.

05/05/2015 MONS. FELLAY, JUDGE WITH ORDINARY JURISDICTION. In a sermon given in Arcadia, California, USA, Msgr. Fellay discloses that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith he was appointed trial judge to decide on a case concerning a priest of the Fraternity. "They I was appointed as a judge for this case. I was appointed by Rome, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, to issue judgments, judgments dictate the Church about a priest of a congregation that does not exist for them. "

06/03/2015 THE SSPX JOINS THE "YEAR OF MERCY". Msgr. Fellay notifies that the SSPX adheres to the "Year of Mercy" organized by Francis, to begin on December 8, 2015 to mark the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council.

01/09/2015 GRANTING OF ORDINARY JURISDICTION TO ALL PRIESTS FOR THE CONFESSIONS SSPX. Francisco enacts a special rule for the SSPX, during the next "Jubilee of Mercy", giving his priests to confess ordinary jurisdiction . "a final consideration to the faithful who for various reasons attend churches where they celebrate the priests of the Fraternity of St. Pius X. This Year Jubilee of Mercy excludes no one is directed from many places, some brother bishops have spoken to me of good faith and sacramental, united practice, however, the difficulty of living a pastorally difficult condition. I hope that in the near future they can find solutions to restore full communion with the priests and the superiors of the Fraternity. at the same time, driven by the need to reciprocate the good of these faithful, by my hand I establish that those during the Holy Year of Mercy to the priests of the SSPX will come to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation, will receive valid and lawfully absolution from their sins "

11/2015 Before an transpired, Fr. SCHMIDBERGER, TOP ANTIQUE SSPX, CONFIRMS THAT HAS RECEIVED A PROPOSAL SSPX ROME (in July) and are considering it .

11/01/2015 LAST COR UNUM CONFIRMS ralliement POLICY: " To recognize as we are" is and remains the sine qua non of our acceptance. "

11/2015 In Brazil, MONS. FELLAY REFERS TO THE PROPOSED RESOLUTION RECEIVED IN JULY PART OF ROME . Optimistic shown saying he no longer put conditions to accept the Vatican II and the New Mass. Now he says there is only a sine qua non: "be accepted as we are ."


01/21/2016 In a lecture given in Washington, MONS. FELLAY SHOWN ENTHUSIASTIC AND FAVORABLE FOR INCREDIBLY WITH FRANCISCO : " There is a close link with the pope, you can not imagine that we have access, easy access we have with the pope. Not use it , sometimes we do for these administrative issues, but we have direct access to the pope pope ... we would say, from our side. "

. The Superior General was, by an internal letter published by Non Possumus , encouraged to accept the "normalization" of the fraternity by the liberal Rome.

26.02.2016 SE PUBLISHES CONFERENCE ACUERDISTA OF MONS. OF GALARRETA given on 17 January. Bishop is optimistic, states that there is a proposal of a personal prelature by Rome, with favorable conditions, with less requirements in 2012. He adds that although he has reservations, believes that everything will be resolved with a unilateral recognition of Francisco which it can not be rejected in any way.

26/02/2016 On the same day that the conference is published Mons. De Galarreta, it discloses an interview with Bishop. GUIDO POZZO , secretary of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei. It is also optimistic and states among other things: " the opening made by Francisco on the occasion of the Holy Year is a new step towards canonical recognition ... contacts between the Superiors of the Commission Ecclesia Dei and the Superiors and other representatives of the SSPX have favored the development of a climate of trust and mutual respect, which must be the basis of a process approach ... I think the path undertaken approach has given some fruit, especially for this change in attitude from both sides and worth continue on this line ... the releaser and magnanimous gesture of Pope Francisco in the circumstance of the year of Mercy has undoubtedly contributed to further calm the state of relations with the Fraternity, showing that the Holy See has at its heart the approach and reconciliation, which should also have a canonical coating ".

03.01.2016 INTERVIEW OF CONFLICT ZONE TO MONS. FELLAY , which is rather an interrogation in which the Bishop is left humiliated by an insolent Hebrew journalist. The superior of the SSPX, among other things, accepts the validity of the excommunications, accepts offenses Msgr. Lefebvre, excuses blaming Msgr. Williamson, and tries to be so friendly and willing to be accepted by the world and the Synagogue .

03/19/2016 EPISCOPAL RITE OF DOM Thomas Aquinas OSB, by Mons. Williamson and Mons. Faure.

03/21/2016 DICI discloses an INTERVIEW CONDUCTED A MONS. FELLAY MARCH 4 , in Menzingen. The superior of the SSPX expounds at length explaining his optimism with Pope Francisco: "He knows Archbishop Lefebvre, read it twice written by Bishop biography Tissier de Mallerais, which shows, without a doubt, an interest.. And I I think he liked it . And the contacts he had in Argentina with our brothers in whom he saw a spontaneity and directness, as we have not hidden anything. Of course, we tried to get something for Argentina where we were in trouble with the state with regard to residence permits, but does not hide anything, we did not behave with rodeos, and I think that he liked. It is perhaps more the human side of the Fraternity, but we see that the pope is very human, he gives much weight to this perspective and this may explain, this could explain a certain benevolence. Again I have not the last word on this issue, and certainly that behind all this is the Divine Providence. Divine Providence that manages to put good thoughts in a pope who, on many points, frightens us greatly, not only to us, we can say that everything is more or less conservative in the Church is alarmed by what happens , so they say, and yet Divine Providence manages to make us go through these pitfalls, in a very surprising way. Very surprising, because it is very clear that Pope Francis wants to let us live and survive . He even said who wants to listen that never hurt her to the fraternity. He also said that we were Catholics "

03/22/2016 INTERVIEW . A MONS Tissier de Mallerais BY THE PORTE LATINE . The bishop clearly sum for the first time to the betrayal of Bishop Fellay, saying:. " Archbishop Lefebvre never raised as a condition of our new appreciation for Rome that leaves Roma errors and conciliar reforms ".

01.04.2016 MEETING BETWEEN FRANCISCO AND MONS. FELLAY in the Vatican . " She lasted 40 minutes and took place in a cordial atmosphere. At the end of the meeting, it was decided that the current exchanges continue. The question of the canonical status of the Fraternity, Pope Francis and Bishop Fellay consider that these exchanges should continue with no precipitation was not treated directly ". The following day Msgr. Fellay met with Msgr. Pozzo, the Commission Ecclesia Dei. In the words of the press, " Fellay and Pope found" positive points "for reconciliation. The SSPX could get the status of personal prelature, like Opus Dei ".


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Neo-SSPX Sellout

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This is a very good chronology showing the degeneration of the neo-sspx; however, it is noticed that it is very biased to Bishop Williamson as to hail him as a type or "hero" during those events, when in fact, he is apart of the problem.

Specifically, Bishop Williamson had applauded with a Te Deum:

#1 - The July 7, 2007 Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum in which places the Mass of St. Pius V as the "extraordinary form of the Roman rite", leaving the Novus Ordo as "ordinary form" -that is a blaspheme against God and his Catholic order.

#2 - The Jan. 21, 2009 "lifting of the excommunications" which in the worlds eyes, and the innocent, "excommunicates" the true position of Catholic Tradition.


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Thank you Machabees, we were just talking about Bishop Williamson being a part of a scheme from the beginning, and I brought up that I thought he applauded something, like you mentioned above. Bishop Williamson is a bridge, a decoy, back to the SSPX, to the NO. If you think back a little in time, when Bishop Williamson started recommending the bad book by Valtorta and I'm not quite sure of the timeline exactly, but, Fr. Zendejas came into the picture. It's funny how Fr. Zandejas and Bishop Williamson hasn't answered a letter written by a faithful of the Catholic Candle. It's funny how Fr. Zandejas is coming to the places where the Resistance is already set up. Reminds me of the Fraternity of St. Peter.
Bishop Williamson is the controlled opposition.

We must not fall into despair even if these Bishops hop on to the Modernist Rome train.

Even if the Bishops fall, we must not lose our Faith. Pray for these Bishops.


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Yes, Ruthy , its true and you know, I was thinking this a.m. also..after relistening to /Fr Pf conference in London. Fr Zendejas comes into picture October , 2014.
It seems funny that while Bishop W was telling priests NOT to leave, to stay in the SSPX, He at the same time had to be conversing (conspiring?) with Fr Zendejas TO LEAVE, preparing his DEPARTURE from SSPX, because Fr Z , within such a short time, couldnt have been prepared to obtain a $2,000,000 retreat house funded by BRN (Bsp W) without discussing it first. So Fr Z allegedly asks to be dismissed and if asked about his departure, Fr Z said "That's My Business." So what's Fr Z Hiding? Along with the fact that Fr Z wouldnt sign a declaration and that he has been attached to the Bishops' hip ever since! ALL VERY SUSPICIOUS, wouldnt you say?


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This post on Facebook is doing the rounds.

Jude Chidi
Don't joke with people's soul. Truly SSPX is in serious agreement with Rome to harm soul. Otherwise why will SSPX priests be teaching vatican 2 with the eye of tradition. In Nigeria the 3 SSPX priests taught evolution as the way we were created. They taught that vatican 2 is right with women being made doctors of the church. They are also taught why vatican 2 indulgence is right and the other is not complete and does not address many issues. Then there is a serious fight between these SSPX priests and the faithful over attending novus ordo mass. So what is the meaning of this behaviour .




Monsignor Philip Egan, Bishop of the Diocese of Portsmouth, England, visited the San Miguel School of the SSPX on March 8. Father John Brucciani, brother of the District Superior of Great Britain and director of the school, wrote to the parents a letter to inform them of the visit of the bishop, in which he states: " To show our appreciation for the interest of Bishop Egan in our work, I would like to organize a spiritual bunch for him. Each student will be given a copy of the attached document, so that they fill it in as best they can. I ask you to help them in this endeavor. It is a wonderful reminder of our duty to pray for priests and pastors beyond our usual environment. Please, also contribute. The forms can be returned in the classroom, in the office or in the gray box in the lobby. When he comes, we will give Bishop Egan the spiritual bouquet. "

According to what is read on the Cathinfo site, the FSSPX authorities referred to this liberal bishop as "our spiritual father" , some lay people protested, and the District Superior responded that everything had been authorized by Fr. Pagliarani.

Mons. Egan, and Christopher Foster, "bishop" of Portsmouth, of the Church of England.
Bishop Egan is a liberal who likes the Traditional Mass but has also been able to defendAmoris Laetitia . In addition, it is organizing , together with the Anglican Church, a foundation to raise the academic level of Catholic and Anglican schools and turn them into academies. In his diocese there are Catholic-Anglican schools that are administered jointly by both confessions.

Ecumenical guests on the day of their Episcopal consecration


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