Change of Direction


It's always interesting to compare the quotes and actions of the SSPX of old to the new modernized SSPX,there's quite a difference. This is especially the case with Bishop Fellay, whose quotes and actions 10 years ago were quite different compared to today.

In the previous two issues of the pro-Resistance newsletter known as The Recusant, a quote is given from earlier this year when Bishop Fellay accuses The Recusant of having "nothing to do with reality" for "misrepresenting him on the Doctrinal preamble". What the Recusant has succeeded in doing, of course, is exposing the truth about +Fellay's preamble, while issue #10 displays the difference between the Bishop Fellay of 10 years ago, and the Bishop Fellay of today.

In issue #10 is the transcript of a sermon given by Resistance priest Father Girouard, in which Fr. Girouard says that in 2003, the Superior of the Society's Canadian District, Fr. Violette, announces that Fr. Aulagnier has been expelled for supporting a deal with Rome and attempting to persuade the Society's members into accepting an accord with Rome.

This expulsion, of course, basically condemns what Bishop Fellay has been doing, by seeking a deal himself and expelling those who oppose it.

Similarly, you may remember that Bishop Fellay condemned the sellout of Campos to Rome a little over 10 years ago. He proceeded to attempt a sellout of his own 7 years later, but content regarding the condemnation of Campos remained on the SSPX website.

What the Recusant says about Bishop Fellay is true, it is obvious he has changed his position, and has yet to revert back to his pre-sellout stance.

And it's not just Bishop Fellay, a change amongst the priests in the Neo-SSPX is very evident. For example, it may have been unfathomable 10 years ago that an SSPX priest would say parents should limit the number of children they have. Recently, however, a Neo-SSPX priest stated at a retreat in Germany - one in which Bishop Fellay was present - that parents should have "no more than 5 or 6 children". This priest was not disciplined or corrected.

I provided further evidence of a change in my article entitled "They Say Nothing Has Changed...". Please search the August 2013 archives and read it if you have not already, it's difficult to dismiss the evidence.

So, the Recusant is correct in its assessment of Bishop Fellay and the Neo-SSPX. I highly recommend that you all read the Recusant's monthly newsletters, they're quite informative. They must be, given that they've triggered a response from Bishop Fellay himself. He was unable to discredit what they said, of course.

God Bless.
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