Chained hands missionary



Chained hands missionary
Father Federico ( source )

Here, the bishop will not let me baptize anyone. And recently he was outraged with me because my pastoral style was described as "not respectful of other religions . "It turns out that now the Truth must respect the error. This seems to be the fashion of the present time, stupid fashion daughter of documents sadly ambiguous as Nostrae aetate or Dignitatis humanae , documents that seem to ignore the divine mandate of "yes, yes; no no".

Do not think I'm going out of my way because the episcopal chancellor, at the tip of the Himalayas, told me clearly: "The Second Vatican Council commands respect for other religions . " The bishop, too, told me clearly and publicly: "I respect my Buddhist religion" ( "I respect my Buddhist religion" ) When he told me, I was frozen, yes, like that, as they read it.

Is that in the "spring church" anyone can say any nonsense, provided that the nonsense is politically correct. Or ecclesially correct. My mission here hangs by a thread, but that thread has God . And to God, nobody wins. As I was saying, here they will not let me baptize because the bishop fears that the Indian government will cause us problems.

My hands are chained.

Now, a Hindu teacher has been going to Mass for many years and praying the rosary. She hears the preaching with pleasure. His name is Santa Several times I asked him if he wanted to be baptized. He told me he was afraid of having problems with his family. She was afraid that she would be forced to idolize in her house.

And because of that, she was not baptized. But lately, grace touched her and she fell in love with Jesus with great strength. But they do not let me baptize ... I can be bound by my hands, but God can not be bound.

What happened? A few weeks ago, I invited her to spend a month living in a convent in another country. He was happy and asked for the sacred Baptism. The Bishop of that remote place agreed to give him all the sacraments of initiation. Today, December 31, Santa was baptized and received First Communion. From today, and only from today, she is the daughter of God. Now, Santa can become holy. Now, it has Paradise open.

We thank the Colombian friend who donated the money so that we can buy the tickets for the four planes needed for her to be baptized.
With traitorous leaders, the mission is humanly impossible. Everything is possible with God. Whatever it takes.
May God give us a 2019 permeated with the most sacred proselytizing!
May God give us a 2019 full of impossible saints to come true!
Live Christ the King!

Father Federico
Chained hands missionary
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